IO Interactive Talks About the Inspiration Behind Hitman: Sniper Challenge

IO Interactive has released a new video that shows us how the Hitman: Sniper Challenge came to be and why it’s so damn cool. You can check the video out after the jump.

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You probably already know that if you pre-order Hitman: Absolution, you’re given access to the Hitman: Sniper Challenge game right away. What you may not have known, however, is that Sniper Challenge was never actually intended for the public.  In their latest behind-the-scenes video, IO Interactive talks about how Sniper Challenge originated as an in-house demo that the studio couldn’t put down.  Coincidentally, they were also trying to figure out cool new incentives for pre-ordering.  Luckily for us, IO Interactive is filled with a bunch of smart people with sexy accents who put two and two together, realizing that Sniper Challenge was the perfect perk.

In the Sniper Challenge, you still play as Agent 47, but it doesn’t have any direct relation to Hitman: Absolution. Instead, the team intends it to be a way for players to naturally learn some of the overall concepts that are required in Hitman: Absolution, such as stealthily killing people in mind-bendingly clever ways, but other than achievements, nothing will carry over.

For those with a huge competitive streak, IO Interactive has included multiple leaderboards, one that includes the entire world, and one just for your friends.  Using nifty methods to dispose of the bad guys will get you more points, and IO Interactive is sure you’ll be wanting to know how your friend pulled his score off.

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