Introducing Final Fantasy Crystal Conquest

  • Teridax.king.of.darkness

    Damn ! Never trust nothing but the best.

  • Lorrie Lauro

    I have not played a final fantasy recreation before and I desired to see what it is like and if I really should get into it. I program on taking part in it on the laptop or computer but a nintendo DS sport would be great also. Anybody acquired a good starter game or just a very good one?

  • Kelli Shanklin

    I haven’t played a closing fantasy sport ahead of and I desired to see what it is like and if I ought to get into it. I prepare on taking part in it on the personal computer but a nintendo DS sport would be great also. Anyone obtained a excellent starter sport or just a great one?

  • veemodz

    Ive been playing kingdom hearts and now its my favorite game so since final fantasy is from the same company i decided i want to try it out, but which final fantasy can i start with that has a good story and i wont get lost in? P.S. i got interested in clouds story from kingdom hearts what game is cloud in?

  • SteveO

    I want to create a relativley non-graphic browser game. It would be a political simulation game and should have in-game forums for alliances, ways to send others messages, and ways to vote on issues, control gov. spending, etc.

    Now, my only experience in computer game creating is the simple Scratch program created by MIT. Is there a way to make a game like this with little experience and money?
    Oh, yeah. One more thing. I’d like it to be multiplayer.

  • John G

    Hey, I play a browser game, where you build you own villages, army then crush your enemies..

    I have a bad imagination, and I need two names, that fit together nicely, where its possible to add a third name to the names of the same sort of theme..

    Or just a few suggestions of awesome game usernames! 🙂


  • nathan

    I have benn wondering how to make a browser game like for a long time. I know HTML,XHTML,CSS, some Javascript, and Flash 8 Profeshional (i am unable to use anymore). I just want to know what language i could create game that runs in your browser, not like runescape or something just something like the game Please help me

  • Larry R

    im trying to find a browser game like runescape that is not a text based or strategy game. do any exist?

  • krow147

    I want to make a browser game, an mmo .. for example a game like grandchase or gundbound style but played in your browser… if possible i wanna make it, like what ive said MMO .. what software do i need to make one? is Flash enough ?

  • sick_mick_101

    I’m looking to make a 2-player turn based game played within a browser. Basically, I would like a player would log in, click play and launch a game where they are automatically matched with another human opponent.

    What would go into making this? Are there advisable ways to create this in terms of database construction (mySQL?), scripting, etc.? I’m not sure where to begin!

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Random

    I would like to create my own browser game for free.. Is there any service that allows me to do so?