Interview with Raphael Sbarge, the Voice of Mass Effect's Kaidan Alenko

  • chuckynoris

    This looks pretty cool.

  • crimsonrhodelia

    I always enjoy reading another interview with Raphael Sbarge, but please, fix the “Kaiden” you have in your article! 🙂

    • Jen

      The only mention of “Kaiden” is from Raphael Sbarge and I dare not edit him. 😉

  • }Gemini

    I love mass effect to demise result in I enjoy sci-fi video games and films and publications and I believe it is a better sci-fi video game than kotor and halo set with each other in my opinion. Mass influence is an amazing game that was ever developed and it is the very best rpg to gaming.

  • salvatore musiu

    It is with Jeannie Hacket and Raphael Sbarge. I arrived to the course late and they said I will pay $150 for the 3 final classes of the session.

  • Mauricio Morales

    I also know that mass influence 2 is on 2 discs so it is possibly longer. Also it has greater reviews.

  • Big Banger

    I guess it automatically linked my account to an EA account that I’ve used before, but I have several accounts and none of them let me log into battlelog.

  • encyclopath

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  • sean

    I understand it is probably difficult and I am not looking for a “get into voice acting easy” type of thing. I look at Mark Meer, Raphael Sbarge, Liz Sroka, and Brandon Keener (Mass Effect Voice Actors) and would love to be in their shoes some day. To be able to turn on a video game, look at the characters, and hear your voice. I would love the feeling. I am really good at a Russian accent. I just want to know how I can get into voice acting, in general, then ultimately get into video game voice acting. Do some of these people just get “discovered” or do they have to make phone calls, trips around the country, or do they just have to know somebody in the industry? How do you get “discovered” and how do you get big gigs like Commander Shepard for Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale? Thanks to everyone who actually takes this seriously.

  • Brody S

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  • Terrence

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  • norrin_shadowwolf

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  • mike s

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