Insert Coin Clothing's New Spring Line Featuring Konami, Capcom and Hotline Miami

Insert Coin Clothing has kicked off the Spring season with a new line of clothing inspired by Konami, Capcom, and Hotline Miami. If you’re not familiar with Insert Coin, they’re a UK based clothing company dedicated to bringing gamers across the globe the highest quality video game related designs in fashion.

Insert Coin recently announced their partnership with Konami, which has apparently been in the works for about a year. In the coming months, the Konami line will kick out Silent Hill, Contra, Zone of Enders, and Castlevania inspired clothing. The Konami range will kick off with three Zone of Enders tees and a hoodie that you can check out down below.

Pre-orders for ZOE will start in the very near future.

Insert Coin is also launching a Capcom focused range with a Mega Man inspired tee showcasing one of the most important elmements in the series, the E Tank’s every Mega Man fan should know and love. Not one to be outshined, the Street Fighter range will foucus around veterans of the series, Ryu, Ken, Guile, Blanka, and Chun-Li. Aside from just t-shirt designs, Insert Coin will also release a Ryu inspired robe complete with black belt and gold hand-embroidered kanji as well as red detailing. Of course, the robe wouldn’t be complete without an abstract hadouken embroidered on the back.

The Capcom range will be available in early 2013 and is sure to attract the gamers of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Last but not least, Insert Coin teamed up with the developers behind the critically acclaimed indie game, Hotline Miami. Devolver Digital and Insert Coin are creating a varsity style jacket, akin to the one worn by the man himself in the game. Pricing and release date has yet to be announced, but you can check out the design here.


If you want to step up your wardrobe with some video game inspired designs, you can check out these designs and more at the Insert Coin Clothing website.

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