Indie Games Advent Calendar!

Ohmigawd! What’s better than an advent calendar?

A free advent calendar that can’t make you fat because instead of chocolate it’s filled with playable indie video games and freebies! Woop! Shit your pants, ’cause just like Santa, it exists!

Get hip to Mission in Snowdriftland!

In the opening you learn about our protagonist. He is this little snowman who can’t get good work in the video game industry. There’s also another character who stole a bunch of video games and took them to the human world. Not sure how the two map on to each other just yet, but I’ll keep playing to find out.

See, each day unlocks a new mini game/level, 24 all together. You play as the snowman.

Check it out!

Mission in Snowdriftland
Mission in Snowdriftland

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