Indie Corner: Cure Space Disease In Blubber Busters

Ever wonder what it would be like to fight infections within galactic whales? Even if the answer is no, Blubber Busters, the first title hailing from Thar Be Monsters, might make you seriously consider it.


First of, just what in blue blazes is a Thar Be Monsters? We here at TGF can assure our readers they aren’t some band of hideous monsters that speak in pirate tongue, No, Thar Be Monsters is a small indie team of extremely talented individuals from the video game industry. Having worked on various titles such as Darksiders 2, League of Legends, Risk of Rain and more, the crew behind Thar Be Monsters has the necessary experience to backup their mission statement.

Cody Bunt, Maddy Kenyon and Ayery Coleman stand as the co-founders behind Thar be Monsters and their mission statement is simple: Create fun, artistic games inspired by the games we love.”
With a reliable crew behind them, Blubber Busters is surely getting the love and attention it deserves.


As such, Blubber Busters emanates creativity and is sure to perk the interest of those who come across it.

The game is labeled as a 2D Combat Platformer, where players choose from four playable characters as they fight off deadly infections within sickly space whales. Concept-wise, Blubber Busters comes off odd enough to stand out from the crowd; personally, I’ve never thought of playing doctor within massive galactic whales.

Visually, the developers’ past experiences shines through. People love when games run smoothly and look stunning while doing so; Blubber Busters meets that criteria. It’s also worth noting that Chris Christodoulou is helping to compose the soundtrack alongside the developers. Known for his previous work with Risk of Rain and Deadbolt, fans of either game should be excited to experience Blubber Busters’ OST.

Fast-paced combat with a splash of exploration that hearkens back to 2D combat platformers of yesteryear, but with unique twists offered by each of its playable characters. It’s up to the player to decide which character is best for each situation. Our goal is to seamlessly blend frenetic combat with platforming exploration and discovery!

Hectic combat is the overall focus in terms of what gameplay has to offer. Even though the fourth character is currently a mystery, each playable character will have his/her own unique way of dealing with sinister forces.



Rudy, also known as The Janitor, is armed with a flamethrower he calls “The Cauterizer.” With his trusty flamethrower, Rudy can handle large swarms of enemies and keep them at bay. He seems to be the most typical out of all them all, meaning Rudy is an excellent choice for first timers.

Eva The Chef seems to be the opposite of Rudy. Defined as “light, nimble and eager to prove herself”, The Chef comes armed with talons in the design of syringes. Eva deals out fast and ruthless melee attacks to tear apart any opposition that gets in her way.

Finally, Emmett The Emote-Bot has it tough. Constantly stuck in a state of despair due to his creator dying in his arms, Emmett looks like a mashup between Frankenstein’s Monster and a high tech mech suit. No screw sticking out of his head sadly. Functioning as the bruiser, Emmett uses defibrillator paddles to deliver wickedly shocking blows to various enemies in the game.


Currently on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter, Blubber Busters is slowly gathering steam (pun intended (editor’s note: oh god why)). The team has been hard at work, trying to make this game become a reality. With any luck, Blubber Busters will get funded and players can experience all the hard work put into this title.

Developed using Unity, Blubber Busters will head to Steam first but if the pledge goals are met, additional versions for Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One can also become a reality.

Jim Sterling even went ahead and did a Greenlight Good Stuff video for the game, so be sure to check it out Thar Be Monsters and their debut title, Blubber Busters.

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