Incredible Mass Effect 3 Scenes Created In Source Filmmaker

  • Jon P

    I’m an aspiring filmmaker. I hope to be an independent filmmaker in New York and make films that have independence, but at the same time success, such as Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, Lost in Translation, etc.

    I was just curious if it matters what school you go to or if you have to be in Hollywood to be successful.

  • have faith

    What is the conclusion regarding the media expressed by the filmmaker? What do they recommend?

  • Con Orpe

    i wanna discuss and ask doubts about to become filmmaker.thank u in advance.

  • Jeffery Carlson

    I’d like to film things I’ve written and have them acted out…what’s a good camera for a beginning filmmaker?

  • Mark M

    I am looking into some intensive workshops in filmmaking, and was wondering if it would be a better idea to start with the film(the school uses 16 mm, but would give me a background in analog to use for 35 mm) or digital first. I am an actor with interest in screen acting so I feel this would be a way to diversify my skills and familiarize myself with the set and understand what everybody does. Any advice on this is most welcome.

  • Larry R

    I need to know this for my film class because I don’t think it would look appropriate if I put filmmaker/author in my thesis. Thanks for your help!
    I think a good example would be businessmen, standing for salesmen and manager.

  • Denali

    I’ve got some pretty good movie ideas that I think would make for some great cinema. Problem is getting them noticed. Can anyone tell me how to contact someone who can make these movies?

  • mal_functiongeo

    I realize most of the film industry is in LA. However, can you also be successful in New York?

  • Brody S

    my friend wants to become filmmaker. but he doesn’t know what subjects he should choose. means maths, commerce or biology ? he really needs your help. please be too specific. don’t give cut and paste answers .

  • kerrin marz

    I was wondering because when I was watching a documentary on Star Wars it said George Lucas was a filmmaker, but isn’t he also a director? Is it the same thing? If not, what’s the difference?

  • Jason

    I am planning on making a documentary for a mission trip with a church this summer and have a lot of ideas for songs. This documentary would not be for resale, commercial use, or for any monetary gain. Completely non-profit. Do I need to purchase the rights to the songs, or can I display the copyright info during the credits?

  • NC Baller

    I’m an drummer and a filmmaker, I love to dress like a rocker, but I’m also a filmmaker. I’m basically an artist. So I Was wondering what people think of people who can do all those things?

  • Jason M

    For the life of me I can’t seem to find the answer. I need to know the foreign filmmaker to receive the most academy award nominations between:

    akira kurosawa
    francois truffaut
    ingmar bergman (who seems to be the answers)
    jean-luc goddard

    thanks in advance.

  • Patrick

    Yeah, it started with Hairspray, but Pink Flamingos is one of his most popular movies.

  • Patrick

    Not like just home videos, I really want to become a filmmaker/director and photographer. I am starting to enter filmmaking competitions, but besides this how can I reach my dream, because I am sick of having all these amazing ideas and not bein able to make them. ????

  • Jonathan

    My friend is an amateur filmmaker who makes a bunch of videos right now with a Flip video camera. It’s been great so far, but I was hoping to get him a nice upgrade since he was trying to upgrade his film style. Also, I’m kind of on a budget, so I can’t really go above $300-$400. But we need something that would be able to attach a microphone and headphone too if needed. Thanks.

  • dealy

    Does anyone know the first steps to becoming a casting director, or agent. I really want to be a filmmaker and i think casting would be a good place to start so can anyone help me out. I been to film school i have done a couple of films, casted, written, edit and directed. I know i need to move to LA or NY. Really i guess i am asking for advice to get my start.

  • arronwrath

    What is a good camera for someone starting out? I want to make my own movies and documentaries, but I don’t want it to look amateur.

  • Adam

    I want to be a wildlife filmmaker. I also want to be a writer, artist and photographer too. But I want to know how much I would be earning if I was very successful?

  • llb443

    I was going to buy a nice $500 camcorder today to practice since there is a possibility I will seriously look into filmmaking, something I think I would love to do for the rest of my life, but how can someone practice without actors and such? Is there an online guide or something? Just need some support, thank you.

  • nyyankees1123

    I want to become a filmmaker, so I’m camcorder hunting for Christmas.
    I’m a high school junior.
    What’s the best camcorder to buy?

  • Jonny

    Im going to start making some films. i want to get a cammera That its good for the job. A camera that I could hold for a long time and make quality films with it,

    I want to carry it arround, and be able to change the lenses. i can pay some moeny, but i would really rather a chea one. So, witch one do you guys think its the best value??


  • Malcolm Hudson

    400-500 dollars, what would be the best camera for a wannabe filmmaker just getting into the hobby?
    And when I say camera, I mean camcorder. Oops.

    What computer specs would I need to handle video from a Canon GL-1?

  • Mr SoLo DoLo

    When I first signed up, I had the option to become a Musician/Filmmaker/Comedian and chose to be a film maker. Then, when I deleted my account and signed up again, I couldn’t find the option anywhere…

    Is there any way to change your account type?

    Or is there a link you can use to sign up for a specific type?

  • heavenly sword

    What makes you suited to become a filmmaker?

  • Noe R

    I don’t particularly want to make documentaries when I’m older, I’m very imaginative and I’d sort of enjoy making more fantasy type things. But anywho, I’m 14, I have limited resources, so I thought I’d make a documentary (just for me and my family, maybe a few contests) and have my year in five minutes. Maybe make a few others, some shorts and some less significant documentaries, but what do you think? Is this a good start for an aspiring filmmaker?

  • Caltel T

    I am interested in becoming a screenplay writer and a filmmaker. What are some good books to read about these fields?

    What are some good trade journals to read?

    I want to learn more about the film industry and how it operates.

    I would appreciate any advice about this.

  • Superman

    Are inmates that are imprisoned for manslaughter or murder allowed to be filmed in prison? Would that be allowed – with perhaps some type of clearance?

  • Lachlan

    Would I be able to make a living as a filmmaker?
    How would I go about making movies like peter jackson, stephen spielberg, and christopher nolan meaning how would I go about becoming somewhat like them?
    Would it be wise to go down that path?

  • thinkthought

    How do you believe a filmmaker knows how to capture our interest?
    Must Contain
    An example from the cinema
    and a coherent writing

  • josh12rox

    Hi, I’m a young teenage filmmaker in need of help. I’ve recently decided to film another picture, but there is nowhere for me to get at least remotely talented adult actors. I know some other teens that are good at acting, but all of the roles are for adults. Is there any technique that you know of that can make someone seem older?
    I’d really appreciate it.

  • Dark_LovexXx

    I have been directing short films for 5 years. I am 15 years old. Where should I go to get into the industry? Any Talent Development Programs or anything? Where should I go?

  • liza

    I am having a really hard time finding a straight answer with google…. I really want to be a director/filmmaker when I’m older. So besides LA, where’s a good place internationally to live if that’s what I want to be?

  • Squall Leonhart

    My friends and I want to make a movie just for fun, but one that can actually be watched without poor quality video or bad sound. What would be a good camera for a rookie with a budget of right around 800 us dollars?

  • Duke

    LA, Math, Science, Social. Im currently taking New Media Arts and Film Studies as options in high school. But whitch core subjects should i go all out in? (Don’t be gay and say “oh, you should be good at all of them and try your hardest, blah blah blah. I fill bathtubs full of shit and pretend its a warm mudbath, blah blah blahhh!!!”)

  • MentallyCryppled

    How do you believe a filmmaker create the illusion of truth in a film?
    Must Contain
    An example from the cinema
    and a coherent writing

  • Caltel T

    I’m looking for a quality camera for a novice filmmaker. Something relatively easy to use and hold on my own. Something versatile. But something that will produce a beautiful picture that will look professional.

    If possible, I would like to stay under $5,000. And, if possible still, under $2,000. Thank you.

  • The Beatles

    I watched this weekend the documentary – mishmash that is “The People vs. George Lucas” :

    it leaves no doubt that he is a flawed and egomaniacal artist — do you agree that he had great works but also flawed ethics and practices as far as his capitalistic and flawed expression of the film series left unfinished as it is ? ? ?

    Polite postings and informed opinions — 10 points to be granted

    Thanks for taking time to consider this in the category of ARTS & Humanities !

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again

    I am planning on going to The Los Angeles Film School, and I was wondering if anyone one knew exactly the starting salary of these positions and what needs to be done to make it to the top. In fact, if heard word that these jobs work in guilds, so I would also appreciate it if you can confirm that.

    These are the positions I speak of:
    Director, cinematographer, editor, producer, production designer, screenwriter, and sound designer.

    Thank you for your help!

  • Big Banger

    I am working on an essay that deals with Borat and I don’t understand the part that he has a conversation with a social woman group and ask them why they think woman are inferior. From their conversation, we understand that it has nothing to do with brain size and they argue women are equal with men, but we as audience still think it’s true in reality. The scene leaves no answer to the question but just keep us wondering. Why the filmmaker does that?

  • baldy eire

    I don’t really have any talent in the film industry but is it still possible that I can revolutionize the film industry and make multiple films that no one has ever scene before and be successful?

  • Sergeant Pickle

    It is known that if you’re a good filmmaker with a company and in film school, there’s always something to shoot. Shoot some footage around where you live, edit them to your liking and turn it into a story during editing. Any suggestions on something good to film? I have a camera. I live in an apartment, any idea of what’s good to shoot? I have a horror making film company, so I like to shoot scary things. Like killing, not the supernatural kind of stuff.

  • brincks26

    I want something cheap around 100 to 200 dollars and i was planning on getting a super 8mm camera because i LOVE the look they project but film is expensive especiially when im using it to expirement and full around with at first. So does anyone have any alternatives? Soemthing that can give me a great vintage look but film is much cheaper?

  • Brendan O

    I want to become a documentary filmmaker. from where should i start.
    Also if can somebody tell me about some filmmaker i can join to assist him.

  • Mc L

    Is it possible to get in trouble communicating with the filmmaker? I feel paranoid for asking, but I want to make sure.
    I know the second answer isn’t true. Cuban films have had US distribution before, but I want to make sure it’s done within terms of the law.

  • Travoiz

    I’m starting to make (very small) movies, and I wanted to just transfer all my info, friends, and stuff over to a filmmaker account, but I can’t find a way to do that, just a sign up sheet for new users. Any tips?

  • alberto s

    I’m 13 yrs old and my dream is to become a filmmaker when I’m older. I’ve always loved movies and the aspects of film making. I can think up great stories and I really think I’d be a natural at the job. I plan on studying cinematic arts in college (alongside some other studies – if, unfortunately I’m forced to go to a plan B). But is there anything I should be doing now to prepare for that dream?

  • xiM Clutch

    I am a film maker and screen writer looking to move to Dallas , Fort Worth or Arlington and I want to know where a good place to live where I can be around creative people. I would like to live in some kind of Art co op or something like that.

  • Xavier Hawthorne

    I want to know how and what i need to become a filmmaker. I have videos up on youtube, but my videos suck badly! I’d appreceiate the advice!

  • Random

    Should a beginner filmmaker use a Film camera (super 8 or 16mm), Videotape, or digital?

  • Hayden

    San Francisco – Ferry Bldg, CA

    San Francisco – Financial Ctr, CA

    San Francisco – Moscone Center, CA

    San Francisco – Peninsula Line, CA

    San Francisco – Union Square, CA


    San Francisco – Fisherman’s Wharf, CA

  • nasty1

    1. The machining rate is 275 sfm.
    2. The depth of cut is 0.55 in.
    3. The feed per stroke is 0.35 in.
    4. The K factor is 1.15 hp per cu in. per min.
    5. The power ratio is 1.25 to 1.0.

  • Dr Dorian

    Just for grins and giggles. I’ll pick best answer for whoever can use the words: noodles, running, towel, and picture in a sentence, song, story…whatever you make it!

    This is sort of an experiment as well. This is my second one. I’m probably going to do more 10 points style of these, lets see how this turns out again 🙂 SFM (Stories for mother).

    It’s easy and fast!
    Haha I just realized that this will be hard to pick! I love your answers though 🙂 Everyone one of them has a laugh to it.

    I will pick one tomorrow (Tuesday)

    Femme Fatale- Thank you so much!:) Thought it would be fun to do!

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x

    Well, i just bought a Homedics SFM-250H 3D Shiatsu Folding Back Massager and i was wondering if it is okay for her to use it? She has stage 4 cancer and currently receiving treatment.

  • Jack Bauer

    sorry i’m asking this again but the question got deleted.
    – How old do you think i am?
    – Do you think i am pretty?
    – Rate me out of 10
    – got any tips for me

    thanks 🙂

  • Jermaine J

    ugh theres this guy i really like omg he so nice and has an awesome personality and also very cute. but he liked someone else and she did too so now their going out and idk wat to do i hhave so much feelings for him and i want to be his boyfriend but he is taken :::ugh! im sad i was about to cry. omg how can i make him like me i mean really tell me how i should put my make up do my hair jewelry and clothess::: cant wear shorts or skirts:::parents protectiveee::::: ugh god help me i love this guy too too to much<3 :{ **very sad***
    no u dnt undeerstandim 16 im old enough anyways

  • Jenna

    and vis versa. How do you determine RPM when you don’t have SFM? I know you need the diameter of a work piece or a cutter to determine the RPM.

    RPM calculation is : SFM / Diameter x 3.82

    SFM calculation : RPM / 3.82

    Thought I’d try here because I get no answers in science and mathematics, and it’s pretty busy here.

  • John G

    I want to make a movie with SFM and you need to press F11 to get into the character mode. F11 is the mute/unmute toggle.any other things i can press? (other than fn i tried that)

  • Cliffy N

    Why were some people born into wealthy families, and some people into poor? It is so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not going to have children unless I am wealthy. It would wouldn’t be fair to them.
    Good answer, Grinning Football. That cheered me up slightly.

  • Sergeant Pickle

    Okay so you know i’m gong out with this guy Travis, and i’m REALLY in love with him :/ k so Sozan(Joey) is my BEST FRIEN EVERRR!!! He’s my closest friend in the world! And we’ve talked EVERYDAY since we’ve met, we even used to date, and i loved him, and he loved me, i STILL love him,): and then today, we we’re talking (On msn), and then he wanted to talk to Travis, so i gave him his msn, and then they talked and Sozan told Travis that he’s jealous of him cos Travis is dating me and Sozan still loves me, and then they started fightin, OVER WHOSE F*CKING HOTTER, ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS!!!??? And now they hate eacother, Travis says i can’t ever talk to Sozan, and Sozan told me we can’t be friends anmore, and i was just fucking bawling my eyes out and sh*t)’: i just couldn’t stop crying,): Sozan says we can NEVER be friends): And, i cn’t live witout him)’: K, so this is Sozan and i’s Convo, it’s long you don’t HAVE to read it, but you’ll understand better):

    [11:20] alex<<<<>>>>>>: finally
    [11:20] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: Hahha, yaaah
    [11:20] alex<<<<>>>>>>:
    [11:20] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: YAAAAAY, so wha ish you ding?(:
    [11:20] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: Doing*
    [11:21] alex<<<<>>>>>>: -__-waiting allie
    [11:21] alex<<<<>>>>>>: to fucking come on msn
    [11:21] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: aww, i ish sowie :/
    [11:21] alex<<<<>>>>>>: lol thanx
    [11:22] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: , GODDDDDD, i want to fucking sleeepppp, i’msoooo damn tireddddd grrrr
    [11:22] alex<<<<>>>>>>: sleep then
    [11:23] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: I can’ :/
    [11:23] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: Cant*
    [11:23] alex<<<<>>>>>>: y
    [11:23] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: Cos, once i get up, it takes me liek 2 ours, to fall bak asleep, and i don’t want too lay down for that long doing nothing
    [11:24] alex<<<<>>>>>>:
    [11:24] alex<<<<>>>>>>: okay
    [11:24] alex<<<<>>>>>>: where’d travis
    [11:24] alex<<<<>>>>>>: s
    [11:24] alex<<<<>>>>>>: *
    [11:25] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: Loool, at his house XD
    [11:25] alex<<<<>>>>>>: i know
    [11:25] alex<<<<>>>>>>:
    [11:25] alex<<<<>>>>>>: i mean he’s on?
    [11:25] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: Yeah….
    [11:25] alex<<<<>>>>>>: give me his msn
    [11:25] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: whyyyyyy
    [11:26] alex<<<<>>>>>>: i wanna talk to him
    [11:26] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: And say what? Lol
    [11:26] alex<<<<>>>>>>: idk
    [11:26] alex<<<<>>>>>>: give me
    [11:27] alex<<<<>>>>>>: his msn
    [11:27] alex<<<<>>>>>>: fuck
    [11:28] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: But but buttt, tell me what you’re gonna sayyyyyyy
    [11:28] alex<<<<>>>>>>: hi
    [11:28] alex<<<<>>>>>>: h r u
    [11:28] alex<<<<>>>>>>: what r u doing
    [11:28] alex<<<<>>>>>>: h old r u
    [11:28] alex<<<<>>>>>>: where u from
    [11:28] alex<<<<>>>>>>: do u love kilah
    [11:29] alex<<<<>>>>>>: kai see ya
    [11:29] alex<<<<>>>>>>: done
    [11:30] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: Can i ask him for you? Just tell him ish you askng?
    [11:30] alex<<<<>>>>>>: kilah
    [11:30] alex<<<<>>>>>>: give me his msn
    [11:31] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: I’m scared, you’re gonna tell himsomething, he doesn’t want to hear
    [11:31] alex<<<<>>>>>>: no?
    [11:31] alex<<<<>>>>>>: see u dont trust me
    [11:31] alex<<<<>>>>>>: b ye
    [11:31] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: Nooo): Ugh, it’s the same with EVRYONE Joey!
    [11:32] alex<<<<>>>>>>: then give me his msn
    [11:32] alex<<<<>>>>>>: 9876
    [11:32] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: I don’tlet them talk to him eiher, co i’m scared): Okay, if you PROMISE that you won’t tell him): Seriously, i’l be so mad): Ireally don’t want yu to tll him anythingbad):
    [11:33] alex<<<<>>>>>>: okay
    [11:33] alex<<<<>>>>>>: I PROMISE
    [11:34] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: Okay, i’m asking him
    [11:34] alex<<<<>>>>>>: for?
    [11:35] Kilah(: I love you Travis(:: i

  • Boo Cookie

    RATHRI AYTHU MALAGONA, this song is always played sfm 93.5 on midnight masala. pls tell me movie name & where to download.

  • timq3dimensionscom

    They are black boots and the best thing in the world

  • Cole

    i got this new Samsung touch mp3.
    Also it takes texts and music and videos but it can only receive text and i don’t know how to get the texts.Also I need a good SFM or AVI or MP4 or MP3 video site so any help at all?

  • fattiemanny

    There’s this guy from my school whos a complete LOSER! he like gets smashed with his band, smokes, does drugs, and acts like a complete douche as a result. He talks all the time about really obscene things like f cking girls and he thinks hes sooo cool and all that. Yet alot of girls at school like him, I don’t get it?! Even the little middle schoolers. Why are girls attracted to screwed up guys like what the eff. Yeah he’s decent looking I’ll give him that but thats IT. He acts like a smart a s s because he reads alot, has a big vocab and has a clever way with words. He wants to be a writer one day. He has no future LMAO. He’s just a drunk and a screw up and I can’t stand him!! Oh and he should be kept away from these little girls god knows what he would do…hes 18
    I never hate on anyone but I want this guy OUT!

  • Thomas Lopez

    Do you think i would suite a side fringe?
    Or should i do something else with my hair i want a chnage but no dying or hilights because my hair has been dyed brown.
    look at all four pictures.

  • Random

    is uploading supposed to take this long?i decided to export my SFM take into a AVI, and now its uploading on utube, but it says like 600 mins remaining. is this normal?

  • Only Business

    we have clear and logical evidence that the sfm is not real just like I know I’m not a purple goblin because the evidence proves that I am not a purple goblin
    And……..we don’t have have clear and logical evidence that God is not the creator of all!!!!
    Yes the Fsm, there is ample proof that he doesn’t exist, not a shred of evidence or logical certainty, however God had revealed himself to countless people!
    John James,

    I just did. Use your brain, you’ll find all the proof there that he doesn’t exist, oh and call NASA to see how many times they’ve captured footage of him.
    Have a cup,

    You are blind to evidence and wouldnt know what to do with it Coward!

    Because there was proof they weren’t crazy like some of the crazies of today. Had they been crazy that proof would have been documented but it wasn’t, the only crazy person to have been documented was the one Jesus cured remember the one they claimed was possessed.

  • Cupcakerum

    stuck on math question-determine actual horsepower required at the workpiece to cut a 5-in. hole in a steel plate having a K-factor of 1.25 hp per cu in. with the use of of a trepanning head which cuts a 0.50 in. wide kerf. The tool speed is 250 sfm and the feed rate is 0.005 ipr.please note how you come up with the formula as well.thanks

  • Sahil

    Hello all,
    I am planning a trip to South Lake Tahoe for the last days of november. The nearest commercial airports are Sacramento (about 2 hours away) and Reno, NV. [took from about dot com].
    If I arrive to one of those airports I would like to know if it is possible to get to South Lake Tahoe by bus and how.
    (Sacramento, SFM airport is my first choice).

    Thank you

  • liza

    When I’m playing Call of Duty Multiplayer on the computer, this error thing pops up and says:

    Unpure client detected. Invalid .PK3
    File Reference

    I know its a SFM Mod, but why can’t I play it?

  • Franklin Bluth

    For example:

    -going and taking a dump where the KKK meets
    -or al-queida
    -extremists religious people

    if people do this all around the world? will this make the world go into an age of peace?

    SFM FTW!

  • Sergio

    I saw this movie and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of the first song.

    Thank you very much=]


  • Random

    does some one give me vijayawada 93.5 sfm phone number?

  • clntvrrt

    can u give me sfm radio nandu email id (93.5)if u r from andrapradesh and also
    rj chetans id(92.7).

  • wwwavid360gamercom

    i am machining a part on a cnc lathe and i would like to know sfm and best tools

  • callofduty5123412

    Just for grins and giggles. I’ll pick best answer for whoever can use the words: bird, man shirt, and mother in a sentence, song, story…whatever you make it!

    This is sort of an experiment as well. I’m probably going to do more 10 points style of these, lets see how this turns out 🙂 I’ll call it, SFM (Stories for mother).
    Btw, Man shirt as in a t-shirt haha 🙂 Forgot to clarify that. But man and shirt work perfectly fine!

  • Hayden

    There is this diagonal white line that is right in my camera. And maybe my graphics card doesn’t support SFM, I am running on a laptop as it’s the only computer we have, but I tried what it asked me to.

    -w, -h, -sfm_resolution, -sfm_guardband

    Whenever I put it into the console it says it doesn’t recognize the command, maybe I’m doing it wrong? Can someone help?

  • PoohBearPenguin

    jace the mind sculptor and stone-forge mystic banned in standard?

    1. Reactions?
    2. What is the new deck to beat? Valakut maybe?
    3. UW control after banhammer? What will it look like?


  • nothin_nyce1

    machine rate rate is 275 sfm, depth of cut is .55 in, feed per stroke .035 in., K factor is 1.15 hp per cu in. per min., power ratio is 1.23 to 1.0

  • Jon P

    How to decide cutting speed (SFM) ? I know the relationship between SFM and spindle speed
    but in order to get spindle speed , I have to know what is the cutting speed . I can not find any clue about it. Is there any one helping me out? thank you so much!

  • Oilers

    Is It,
    Superman: The Escape At SFMM
    Superman: Tower Of Power At SFOT
    Superman: Kryption Coaster At SFFT
    Superman: Ultimate Escape At SFM
    Superman: Ultimate Flight At SFOG, SFGAm, SFGAdv
    Superman” Ride Of Steel At SFA
    Superman: Ride Of Steel At SFNE

    which one?

  • Kobe

    hahahah okay so one more question! how would one dress as Dobby? like either after he is freed should i just wear a bunch of mis matched clothes? or should i wear a pillow case and carry around a dirty sock? this is for the new movie! haha like would people know i was supposed to be him if i was just wearing like a bunch of socks and clothes> with like big ears and big eyes haha
    – love harry potter sfm!

  • Myles

    Well, i open sfm and when I try to open something, i cant figure out how. the interface really doesnt help, and i want to make a Meet the Heavy spoof. I just cant find the file because the thing is so darn archaic! please help me figure out to open movies that arent in the recent video thing.

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again

    The last station he was working on was SFM, a radio station based in Kent –

    Any one know where he went or where he is at the moment?.

  • turg143

    I am searching for some graphics to put on my weddin invitions that are not to dark and have like a rose etc etc maybe some notes to go with it. Is there a website where I can get such stuff??? or see such?

  • lets roll

    when i load up SFM it loads up but really laggy. FML… then when it loads i can’t make it full screen. i dont have a the legit i have the TF2 beta one. any help here 🙂

  • EzioAuditore1459

    I’m not positive about the country of origin, but a random person told me that they believe it to be from New Zealand.

  • nothin_nyce1
  • Erfan

    for those who don’t know…google

    The Spaghetti Flying Monster
    dang 2 answers every minute…y’all are some oppinionated…

    RAmen eaters
    you are right, sorry for blasphemy

    it’s Fsm….

    gotta get those ‘isms right, huh?

  • The Inc

    My specs are i5 16gb RAM and my video card is intel hd graphics 4000.

    SFM doesn’t seem to detect my graphics card. (My drivers are updated)

    Thank you in advance

  • kewlflame14

    Anya is alright, but she seems kind of stupid.
    Fatima should have been eliminated when stacy ann was.
    Whitney is good, but shes a little cocky.

    Who do u thinkk?

  • thexbox360player

    i am looking for beautiful movie’s white beautiful images and music.
    like, thin red line..

  • Daniel

    i am looking for inspiration in mystical drawings but from the old days when people used to draw with a pencil and not with a computer so if anybody have names of those comics or movies please send me a list…unicorns, beasts or even gargoyles please send me at list… phoenix or ronin warriors anything amazing

  • hank baseballs

    the machining rate is 275 sfm; the depth of cut is .55 inches, the feed per stroke is .035 inch, the k factor is 1.15 hp per cu inc. per min.; the power ratio is 1.25 to 1.0

  • Sophia C

    I have seen so many beautiful things from mountain tops to my mothers face on a rainy day. And now I would like to contract other peoples’ beautiful sights in to my vast gallery of priceless, beautiful images. We are all beautiful people with beautiful souls and hearts to offer as a gift of loving friendship to others.

  • unbleevable39

    I want to download the images of very beautiful indian girls having oiled and briaded hair.Give the link or tell the website.

  • thexbox360player

    these be coincidence,by same logic ,can ugly images be an argument against god.

  • Flash Funk

    i want to send a beautiful e-mail to my girl.Like those e-mails that have beautiful images and music in the background. Give me some sites please.

  • joevsyou

    I would like to have pictures of beautiful women to promote my site but would like permission to use their pictures. It doesn’t even have to be free website, I’m willing to pay just need the galleries of beautiful women. Anyone know where I can get them?

  • Ed D

    I’m doing a page in my art book about Japan, and I want to make a collage of beautiful pics that scream japan. Please help me find some good ones, it could be japanese food, j rock bands, building, natural wonders, statues, technology watever, even manga or anime if u must!

  • ScRSC

    I mean like, can we produce beautiful images using common camera as if it were taken using DSLR camera used by most photographers?

  • Bryan J

    Beautiful Image :Patriot of the baby in the womb
    Place:My Little heart where my wife is imprisoned with love
    Thing:Nothing is more beautiful then my sweet heart anu ma cute little smile

  • johnkaiser 22

    and what do the colors mean?

  • airdogspace2

    I have a couple items and models I used in Garry’s Mod, and I was wondering that if I installed them into SFM would they actually work, or would I have to hack them or find models made specifically for SFM?

    Also, is it possible to actually make or modify custom models in SFM? Or can you only make and rig models in external programs and import them in? Just wondering!

  • sam N

    Hi, I have recently started an internship and am buying final cut to begin making my own films and getting a great show reel together to get more work.

    I have the disadvantage of knowing nothing about cameras other than the Canon range is probably best.

    I’m not looking to spend over £500 (yet) and was wondering what the best model would be for this price range?

    Any ideas would be appreciated greatly!

  • brincks26

    Every time my source filmmaker movies are exported they are corrupted, can someone help me please?

  • toast

    I’ve searched everywhere! I know it varies based on opportunities but I just need to know a basic estimate. please help!

  • nmlpc

    Will Obama capitulate and try to have it removed and the filmmaker imprisoned, or will he support free speech?

  • John G

    I’m a senor in high school, what do I have to do from this point-on to get into the right path to being a pro filmmaker ^-^?