Illuvium Is a Large Scale Rpg Built on the Blockchain

I have been attempting to learn more about Crypto lately so when Illuvium popped up, it immediately piqued my interest. Illuvium is an open-world, RPG, collector, auto-battler built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The different creatures in the world are treated as NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens. This is basically a digital good owned by an individual and stored on the blockchain. All in-game effort and time are rewarded with real-world value. Things earned in the game are owned by that individual player.

On top of the crypto element, there were a few things that really drew me in. The art style is amazing and looks very high quality. The aspect of collecting reminds of a time when I was a collector of cards and other trinkets. It’s really cool that you will be able to find creatures with special abilities and even ones that are uniquely skinned. I think this is a great place for people to get their feet wet when it comes to learning about NFTs. I can’t wait for more information on how building a team will work in this world. You will have the opportunity to compete in both PVE and PVP arenas where you could win a decent amount of real-world money. There will be an in-game marketplace where you can buy and sell Illuvium but you do not need to own any to start playing the game. There are more developers that are starting to utilize blockchain technology to build games and other experiences. This is definitely one of the coolest that I have seen thus far.

If you are really into crypto, check out the whitepaper on Illuvium HERE. Also, join the mailing list to be notified of updates and when you can get your hands on the game.

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Illuvium Is a Large Scale Rpg Built on the Blockchain

Illuvium is a open-world RPG built on the Blockchain