Ideas to Improve Resistance 3

Resistance is an underrated franchise, based around the liking of hardcore gamers. So that means it doesn’t get as much credit as it due. Resistance: Fall of Man(Launch title for PS3), is still one of the top first person shooters if you ask me. In the meanwhile, it seems as if gamers are losing interest in the Resistance series as a whole. Which is sad because, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. I have a few things that in my opinion, could better the game.

Improve Melee Attacks– In Resistance 2, it took close to 4 melee attacks just to kill an enemy. At times it felt like the melee attacks were useless, seeing how they never worked. Melee Attacks should be easily accessible when in close combat. It should take 2 melee landed hits to down a full health enemy ,or 1 if the enemy is at low or medium health.

Survival Mode– You are placed in a level where never ending hordes of chimera, seek to end your existence. You would play through an amount of rounds, but after a certain number of rounds smarter ,and more powerful chimera are added. Making you adjust to your surroundings. An not to make it stale, nothing should happen the same way every time you play. This mode can be played offline single player, multiplayer, or online.

Grenades– I would like to see new types of grenades, even a couple from Resistance:FOM would be good. Also in Resistance 2, grenade throwing was a little off. Sometimes when I would go to launch a grenade it would fall just short of me, as if my character had spaghetti strings for arms.

XP Unranked Matches– Playing unranked matches in Resistance 2 was fun, but after a period of time it seems to not mean anything. I would like to receive XP for unranked matches, its the same thing as ranked with the exception of 2 letters. Your practically doing the same exact thing so, why can’t I receive XP?

Co-op Mode– An enhanced co-op mode with a story feel to it would be nice. Give us somewhat of a mini storyline, add vehicles, increase the amount of enemies, an give us more missions.

Theater Mode– A theatre isn’t necessary ,but it sure would be great to have one. This would make Resistance more appealing to gamers. Since everyone loves showing off their skills on Youtube, or Facebook. Why not add it?

More Multiplayer Features– Resistance 2, had a good amount of game types ,but I would like to see custom game types. For an example, melee, or sniper matches only. More maps and more multiplayer options all together would add some much replayability to the game.

More Weapons– There hardly are any weapons in Resistance 2, more weapons would be key. You could import weapons from Resistance:FOM, or create new ones. Either way, I’m pretty sure people would want more weapons. I’m even excited to see that the weapon wheel from Resistance:FOM is back!

Custom Soundtrack– I know, not everyone wants this ,but I happen to enjoy listening to music while playing through the campaign mode.

Online Customization– This is a big thing to me. I can appreciate a good customization feature when I see one so, I have to say that the customization in Resistance 2 was very lacking. There was so many irrelevant things as in, hip packs, canteens, and leg pouches. Instead of all that madness, I would like to see clothing changes, skin colors, faces, etc. If I wanted to play team deathmatch as a pistol wielding pink chimera, I would like to be able to do so. I know that the customization changes may sound like a lot ,but if you can’t do that, at least put me in the game. Insomniac Games, lets make it happen!


With all this being said, Resistance 3 will be a great title whether any of this is put into the game or not. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see, please feel free to leave a comment. Resistance 3 will be available September 6th, 2011 exclusively for the Playstation 3. Or if your still unsure, on July 25th an open multiplayer beta will be available to PS Plus members and buyers of Socom 4.

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