Ice Age: Continental Drift — Arctic Games Now Available

In anticipation of the latest installment in the Ice Age franchise, Activision presents Ice Age: Continental Drift — Arctic Games, now available on Kinect for Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii system, and the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS.

The Ice Age gang engage in a series of “wintery” sporting events to determine who gets to keep the spoils of a discovered treasure. You can side with either the “Herd” or the “Pirates” as both teams compete for the grand prize. Play as Manny, Diego, Sid among others through a series of games including glacier hopping, ski jumping, and squirrel cannon (yeah that one just sounds too awesome to ignore).

Gamers of all ages can take part in story mode, free play, and tournament modes playing to earn bronze, silver and gold acorn medals and all manner of wacky prehistoric games. Ice Age: Continental Drift — Arctic Games is rated E for Everyone is now available on Kinect for Xbox 360 for $39.99, Wii and Nintendo 3DS for $29.99, and Nintendo DS for $24.99. And of course, the latest film Ice Age: Continental Drift is in theaters starting today. So go ahead and pick up a copy of the game on your way home from taking the kids to see the flick.

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