Hulu Plus Now Available On Wii U

Good news, Wii U owners! Hulu Plus is finally available for your shiny new console!

While it was missing from day one, as well as several other video features, Hulu has announced today that the streaming video service is now available for the Wii U. The app was already shown on the system’s Home menu, so there’s no need to search frantically for it. In addition, a community for the Miiverse has also been added. So you can talk about your favorite shows. Or just draw more really awesome pictures. You know, either or. We’re fine with both.

As is the nature of the console, the Hulu Plus experience will be different on the Wii U. Your GamePad will service as a bonus remote, showing episode descriptions and giving you traditional remote options, i.e. pause, rewind, etc. You can also solely watch shows on the GamePad itself.

While the day one launch was a bit lacking in terms of the multimedia and entertainment attractions for the console, things are quickly starting to heat up. Nintendo’s TVii service still isn’t here for another month, but it’s nice to know that features such as Netflix and Hulu Plus are coming sooner rather than later.

For more information, Hulu provided has provided a brief video, going over the Wii U features.

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