HTC to Team Up with PlayStation, PlayStation Games on HTC Devices Later This Year

  • Corie


  • Doing this will just make the Ps Vita sales plummet. What’s so special if the UI is going to be on different devices?! >.>

  • Conrado Pires

    I have a ps3 but i don’t know a lot about the trophies. I was asking yourself what game titles have them and how to get them. Also when is playstation house coming out and how do you get it.

  • Conrado Pires

    I just lately place away my playstation 2 for about a 12 months and now that I obtained the new recreation guitar hero 2, i want to hook it again up. However, I am having trouble figuring out what cords I need. Is there more than 2 cords that hook up to the again of the playstation? I only have 2 black cords hooked up, and i am really confused on what to do simply because the playstation turns on but it goes to the browse part, and are not able to go through the disks. Is there some thing improper with the playstation? Or is there a cord missing?? Make Sure You help!

  • Maricela Rothrock

    Correct now I have forgot my Play Station Network person ID and password and all of the information.
    So I want to create another PlayStation Network on the Very Same user since I place a lot of tough function into acquiring the trophies.
    If I make another consumer all of the challenging earned trophies will be misplaced and I do not want that.
    So is there a way I can make one more PlayStation Network account or is there anyway to transfer the trophies onto the other user?

  • Jonathan

    An actual DROID phone and an HTC Desire essentially the same phone? My brother is telling me the HTC Desire is not a DROID phone,, but it that is is a droid-like phone. So I guess I’m wondering, what is the difference,,,other than their marketing names (HTC Desire / DROID)

  • Jon P

    My husband and I are having a barbecue this weekend for 40 people. How many hamburgers and hot dogs should we get? My husband thinks we need 60 hot dogs and 40 hamburgers. I think that’s way too much!
    No kids are attending. It’s an adult barbecue.

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x

    How high is the temperature in a clothes dryer on average?? I did a search but came up with nothing helpful. My son has lice and I was curious as to whether the temperature gets hot enough to kill the nasty buggers or if I really have to wash all the clothes and bedding in hot water. I read somewhere that it has to maintain a temp of at least 130 farenheit for 20 minutes to kill them. Are dryers hotter than that?
    All I really want to know is how hot the dryer gets… can anyone tell me or do I have to take it’s temperature?

  • Chester

    I am making hot chocolate (the hot chocolate that comes in the packets) and I like using hot milk instead of hot water because it makes it richer. My microwave is broken so how do I make milk hot without a microwave? And if it is on a stove or something like that, what do I use and how long and what temperature. Answer quick. Thanks!

  • SKATEskum

    I can’t even enjoy myself in the shower because the hot water runs out after about 10 minutes, then I’m left there to freeze. I’m used to taking 30 minute hot soothing showers! I just got out of the shower and was only to shave one leg because it got too cold. Does this mean I have a crappy hot water heater or what?