Houston, Come Play FIFA Street With the Houston Dynamo!

  • Ollie

    Wow..just wow.

  • Carrie Major

    The Houston Dynamo has beat the New England Revelation twice in a row. Profitable the MLS Cup in 2006 and in 2007.

  • Stella Sotelo

    who do you believe will win the MLB soccer recreation New England Revolution vs. Houston Dynamo? Also what do you think the score will be?

  • Noemi Madero

    Dynamo is my fave staff from the MLS so it’s evident I Will support. When they perform Atlante, I Will be rooting for Dynamo.

  • Lola Lockwood

    Expensive Sirs And Miss

    Do You feel that the Houston Dynamo can acquire the Cup in the

    Playoffs 2 a long time in a row ? Indeed Are No ? Is My Query for

    you ? I do ? ok .

  • Noemi Madero

    I have been attempting to purchase the Houston Dynamo MLS teams white absent shirt for ages from either a UK primarily based website or a UK primarily based keep for some time now but normally most only stock the David Beckham endorsed LA Galaxy strips, does any person know in which I can get the Houston Dynamo away shirt primarily based in the UK?

  • Maricela Rothrock


  • Noemi Madero

    on the web or catalog would be best, because i are living nowhere around Houston.

  • Serena Frieden

    Dynamo is my fave team from the MLS so it’s obvious I’ll support. When they play Atlante, I’ll be rooting for Dynamo.

  • ericmreitz

    They’re having open tryouts next month…. anyone think they have a shot? the skills test is shown on an online video.

  • Brody S

    Dynamo is my fave team from the MLS so it’s obvious I’ll support. When they play Atlante, I’ll be rooting for Dynamo.

  • nasty1

    im 14 years old and i was wondering if its worth it going to the houston dynamo elite camp they are going to have one in agust and they charge like $180

  • whitesoxfan2347

    I think that Mls is really getting good and should vs more teams in friendlies

  • timq3dimensionscom

    Dear Sirs And Miss

    Do You think that the Houston Dynamo can win the Cup in the

    Playoffs 2 years in a row ? Yes Are No ? Is My Question for

    you ? I do ? ok .

  • Johnky J

    I am moving and need boxes. I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on something I am just using to hold all my junk while I transport it 15 mins from where its at now. Any idea where I can get free boxes in (north)Houston tx… I know walmart will let you take them but you have to come pick them up late at night and i have three young children and cant just be running out in the middle of the night… Any ideas?

  • louisewoods1984

    Now that Houston Dynamo are eliminated, what team would you like to see win the MLS Cup?

  • Sahil

    online or catalog would be best, since i live nowhere near Houston.

  • Disrae

    like live streaming or something, and also it would be better if you didn’t have to join.

  • Rkmc

    Does anyone know where/if I can watch the Houston Dynamo vs Real Salt Lake game online?

  • Random

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  • Xavier Hawthorne

    Yall can find me in the ‘Houston Dynamo’ league…
    I got


    Brian Ching (Houston)
    Jeff Cunningham (Dallas)
    Dominic Oduro (NY)


    Robbie Rogers (Columbus)
    Jovan Kirovski (LA)
    Eddie Gaven (Columbus)
    Bobby Convey (San Jose)


    Ryan Cochrane (San Jose)
    Patrick Ianni (Seattle)
    Marvell Wynne (Toronto)


    Kevin Hartman (KC)

    Matt Pickens (Colorado)
    Bobby Boswell (Houston)
    Corey Ashe (Houston)

    Dominic Kinnear (Houston)

    what do ya think?
    I feel so dumb i forgot my username on it so i got another one i’ll tell you guys about my new team later i only made a couple changes

  • sethburger

    This is what i think the starting lineup should be. What do you think?

    G- Tally Hall

    D- Bobby Boswell

    D- Geoff Cameron

    D- Chad Marshall

    D- Nat Borchers

    M- Brian Carrol

    M- Brad Davis

    M- Graham Zuzi

    M- Eddie Gaven

    F- Connor Casey

    f- Will Bruin
    not for the olympics ( brek shea sucks and deserves to die)
    brek shea plays like the women’s brazilian national team
    fuck you, landon donovan

  • white man

    Predictions anyone? Comments? Anything? We just need to fill this forum up, that’s all.

    Well I think that it’s going to be a hard game for DCU, especially with Jaime Moreno on Bolivian national team duty, Bobby Boswell on yellow card suspension, Fred with a groin strain, and Josh Gros with migraines. Even so, I have faith in United, and I think we will definitely draw if not win.

    I predict 2-2. What about y’all?
    @2gadoo: interesting answer. Why do you assume DC will lose? Just wondering.
    @ E C: Italia fan and proud, but A M and I are NOTHING alike. For one, he’s a perv. And second, the guy hates me. And the feeling is mutual. ew, E C. Gross. 😛
    @ E C: Italia fan and proud, but A M and I are NOTHING alike. For one, he’s a perv. And second, the guy hates me. And the feeling is mutual. ew, E C. Gross. 😛
    Ahhh…0-0…such an unsatisfying ending. Good game on both sides, though.

  • Chester

    he has been awesome all season.galaxy beat the fire tonight and gonzalez once again played very well.
    he in my opinion has been by far the best out of all the rookies.

    but now.if he keeps this up and the galaxy make the playoffs.I think he should get serious consideration for defender of the year.

    there are only a few defenders that are in the running for MLS defender of the year.

    chad marshall
    bakary soumare
    maybe bobby boswell (not really)
    omar gonzalez

    I’ve never heard of a player winning rookie of the year and defender of the year in the same year but omar has been excellent.

    your thoughts?

  • tjpimpin

    Volkswagen MVP:
    Barros Schelleto(Crew)
    Juan Pablo Angel(Red Bulls)
    Brian Ching(Dynamo)
    Landon Donovan(Galaxy)
    Javier Morales(RSL)

    Newcomer of the Year:
    Darren Huckerby(San Jose)
    Andre Rocha(Dallas)
    Rohann Ricketts(Toronto)
    Gino Padula(Crew)
    Jorge Rojas(Red Bulls)
    Jamison Olave(RSL)

    Gatorade Rookie of the Year:
    Justin Braun(Chivas USA)
    Sean Franklin(Galaxy)
    Geoff Cameron(Dynamo)
    Kheli Dube(Revs)
    Roger Espinoza(Wizards)

    Panasonic Goalkeeper of the year:
    Joe Cannon(San Jose)
    Pat Onstad(Dynamo
    Jon Busch(Fire)
    William Hesmer(Crew)

    Visa Defender of the Year:
    Chad Marshall(Crew)
    Bobby Boswell(Dynamo)
    Gonzo Segares(Fire)
    Jimmy Conrad(Wizards)
    Bakary Soumare(Fire)

    Coach of the Year:
    Sigi Schmid(Crew)
    Preki(Chivas USA)
    Dominic Kinnear(Dynamo)
    Jason Kreis(RSL)
    Frank Yallop(San Jose)

    My Opinion on who should win:
    MVP: Barros Schelleto
    Newcomer: Andre Rocha
    Rookie: Sean Franklin, he helped Galaxy defence a lot, but unfortunatly every defence wanted to attack and get to score from a cross from Beckham. Frank and Klein were the best defenders and only of the Galaxy.
    Goalkeeper: Hesmer
    Defender: Boswell
    Coach: Dominic Kinnear

    Whats your Opinion?

    nominees tooken of

  • Matthew

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    some guy got his name censored by Y!answers. So much the better everyone on here should be renamed mud!!

    IF any of these scumbags gets another term we can correctly describe American democracy as:
    Epic Fail!
    Fortunately for me Doc Hastings voted no 2x
    as far as senate goes it was split one voted for the other against.

    WA state.
    MCCain is on the list