Holy Space Balls! New Lockout Trailer From WonderCon Perks Our Interest

Following the weekend of WonderCon, our friends at Open Road Films sent us a 5 minute clip of upcoming movie, LOCKOUT. After checking it out last time we commented that LOCKOUT is reminiscent of a cross between two award-winning video games: Batman: Arkham City and Dead Space 2.

Falsely convicted ex-government agency Snow (Pearce) must rescue the President’s daughter (Maggie Grace) from an outer space maximum security prison after it is taken over by its violent inmates.

[box_dark]About LOCKOUT: From the producers of TAKEN and renowned action filmmaker Luc Besson, LOCKOUT stars Guy Pearce (THE HURT LOCKER, upcoming PROMETHEUS), along with Maggie Grace (TAKEN, ABC’s LOST) and Peter Stormare (ARMAGEDDON, upcoming HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION).  The film will be in theaters everywhere on April 13, 2012.[/box_dark]
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