Hitman: Absolution Using Avatar Mo-Cap Technology and Hollywood Actors

Hollywood Reporter has got some details as to the technology behind the upcoming Hitman sequel. IO Interactive has stated that they’ve gotten Giant Studio, who’s responsible for the motion capture technology used in James Cameron’s Avatar, which just happens to be the highest-grossing film of all-time.

If this doesn’t peak your interest, than maybe the fact that IO Interactive also revealed that Hollywood actors will be donning the motion capture suits to bring a richer, higher quality cinematic presentation. Keith Carradine (Cowboys & Aliens) will be voicing Agent 47 and Marsha Thomason (White Collar) will be voicing Agent 47’s handler.

We’ve designed a more stylized, more serious, and darker game this time around in both the story line and the visuals.” – Tore Blystad, Game Director at IO Interactive

The game will be fully revealed in June at E3 this year.

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