Watch: Platformer Hidden Dragon Legend Now Out For PS4

Publisher Oasis Games has announced that MegaFun Games’ latest title, Hidden Dragon Legend, is now available digitally for PS4 and will set you back $19,99. The game will also release for PC at a later time.

After surprising players at PAX West 2017, Hidden Dragon Legend is a 2.5D platformer mixed with RPG elements set in Imperial China and features a healthy mix of combos, speed, acrobatics, and puzzle-solving.

Hidden Dragon Legend is Metroidvania-like 2.5D platformer where players will need to hack and slash their way through waves of enemies to reach and solve the game’s puzzles. The game’s combat also features a surprisingly deep combo system.

The game’s aforementioned RPG elements allow players to upgrade and customize their character through an extensive skill tree; improving your character will be vital in order to succeed against some of the game’s more powerful bosses. While players navigate through the various levels, the game world features factions who are competing in order to earn the Dragon Cauldron: a mysterious and powerful item which grants inhuman powers. The price? The person’s sanity and reason.

The protagonist was put under a spell of the Dragon Cauldron by a dark faction thus making him a puppet. Once the spell has been broken, it’s up to the player to head off and settle the score.

Here’s what Daniel Lin, Senior Marketing Director at Oasis Games, about this newly released title:

“Hidden Dragon Legend puts a fun—and challenging—spin on button-mashing action with its unique setting in Imperial China, its unrelenting hack-and-slash combat and its wide variety of attacks and combos. We just showed Hidden Dragon Legend on PlayStation 4 at PAX West 2017 alongside our lineup of upcoming titles from Oasis Games, and fans had a blast playing while complimenting its beautiful visuals and strong hero character.”

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