Heroes & Generals Open Beta Announced

Square Enix has announced the open beta for their latest MMO, Heroes & Generals.

The PC game is the first release by Copenhagen-based Reto-Moto, who have fused popular massive online play with the first person shooter genre to accommodate the demand of thousands of players… all for free. You have a choice to hunker down in the trenches, aviate and control the path of tanks as one of the “Heroes”, or side with the “Generals” and command your soldiers, strategize, and handle ammunition and backup plans as a leader in the midst of World War II.

The global launch is available not only for Windows users but those with iOS and Android devices, thanks to the mobile version of the game, Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command. The app allows users to keep up on advancements made in the campaign without actively participating in combat by remotely providing a real-time overview, a built-in chat client, and visibility of progress in the battlefield, Supply Lines, and Assault Teams.

The outcome of each game is altered with every battle, giving a “Choose Your Own Adventure” experience to players who want to take part in the fight among war-torn towns, industrial buildings, and airfields.

Recruit to serve and join your comrades now by visiting www.HeroesandGenerals.com. Create an account, play the open beta and get the ability to build a game that suits your preferences and enhances the experience for others.


Source: Square Enix

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