Here Are February 2020’s PlayStation Plus Games

PlayStation Plus

We’re back for February, and this month is loaded with some games you have to get your fingers on before they disappear. We have our usual two games of the month plus a bonus VR game. So let’s check out what Sony has to offer for PlayStation Plus members.

BioShock: The Collection

First game we have up is BioShock: The Collection. We’ve been getting many collections lately! With that being said, if BioShock is something that peaked your interest, but missed out on the solo titles on release, now is your chance. Explore different times and places such as the underwater city of Rapture in 1960 to a steampunk city-state called “Columbia” in 1912.

This collection features all three games in this award-winning series — BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infrinite. All titles are remastered to enjoy in 1080p, which also includes all single-player add-on content. Don’t miss it!

The Sims 4

Next up we have The Sims 4. This game allows you to be whatever you want to be and create stories you want to tell. There are new creative tools that allow the player to use your imagination and bring your characters to life. With the all-new Gallery in this installment, players can share their creations with other player as well. Don’t wait. Start using that creativity to bring your new story to life!

Firewall Zero Hour (PS VR Required)

Last on the list, and a bonus for February, is Firewall Zero Hour. This title is a first-person tactical shooter that is developed exclusively and requires Sony’s PlayStation VR. Play as a hired contractor and form an unbeatable squad in some 4v4 virtual reality action.

The objective is to strategize to either seize or protect delicate information against the opposing team. Jump right into intense multiplayer battles as well with Firewall Zero Hour‘s new season, Operation: Black Dawn that begins on February 4. It will feature a new map of an Oil Rig that will be available to all new players and other great free content. So don’t miss out on this exclusive VR action.

So that wraps up February 2020’s PlayStation Plus games. As a reminder, all three games will be available from now until March 2. Which games are you planning to download? Sound off in the comments below!

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