Hard Hitting Photos out of Los Santos

War. War will always happen. It doesn’t need to be out in a distant land either. War can be in our own backyards. Today we would like to take the time to honor a group of individuals who challenge death just for the sake of a picture on the streets of Los Santos.

Media Lens, lead by Cy_Sperling takes to the streets to bring you the images that the people try to forget. It is easy to push the burdens, the sounds, the strife of war from your mind. Thankfully there are people out there like Cy_Sperling who believes that the people must know what is happening near their homes.

Equipped with only a camera and a black media jacket, Cy_Sperling travels around Los Santos in a WEZL News van. He is never part of the action and he never draws a weapon. His one purpose is to share his photographs.

We would like to thank Twisted Shifter who delivered this news about Media Lens and Cy_Sperling. We need more people like them. Thank you for capturing the essence of war that so many refuse to acknowledge. Please, take the time to witness the photos for yourself by visiting the Media Lens webpage as well as at imgur. We have two samples below that we caution is not for the faint of heart.



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