Happy 4th of July US Gamers!

Every time I say the phrase “Who said that you can’t have a life and play a lot of video games?” I get an odd reaction. Most people are shocked that this is even possible. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been playing video games for so long that I’m used to actually doing other stuff while still playing a lot of video games.

A lot of people would say that it’s a waste of time and that gamers have no life outside of a video game console. Yes, there are some cases where this is true, but in many, it’s not. A lot of gamers are parents; work full-time jobs and/or have social lives outside of XBL, PsN or their choice of MMO.

In life there’s always a balance and it’s completely possible to work 40 hour work weeks and play 30 plus hours of video games and still have the time to go out and get some sun.

With that, get out there today and enjoy your Fourth of July, my fellow American gamers!

If it’s raining where you are or maybe you like to be inside, check out Boom Boom Rocket for XBLA. It’s a Dance Dance Revolution type game where you match the arrows at the top of the screen. Instead of arrows, in BBR you match streams of fireworks heading to the sky to music. You can play their short list of songs or load of the visualizer and enjoy some virtual fireworks going off to your own personal music play list.

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