Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Xbox One Bundle Finally Revealed

This morning at Microsoft‘s Gamescom 2015 briefing, 343 Industries finally revealed the Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Xbox One Bundle. Not only is the hardware downright beautiful, but it’s available for pre-order today.

Taking the stage at Gamescom 2015, 343‘s Community Manager, Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky, unveiled the console that core Halo fans have been waiting for ever since Josh Holmes first teased its existence earlier this year. Now, only a few short hours after Microsoft‘s briefing, there’s some more details surrounding the new hardware available to pre-order before it official launches on October 20th.

First off, you might be asking yourself what exactly comes with the Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Xbox One Bundle. Well for starters, there’s the 1TB Halo 5 themed console with custom sound effects when the box is powered on and off. On top of that, the bundle is also going to include Microsoft‘s standard Xbox One headset, a custom wireless controller (check it out below in full detail) and a digital copy of Halo 5: Guardians with the following limited edition content:

  • Uniquely-designed Spartan themed SteelBook
  • Warzone REQ Bundle: 14 Premium Requisition packs
  • Halo: The Fall of Reach – Animated Series
  • Guardian model by Metal Earth®
  • Spartan Locke’s Classified Orders
  • Dossiers on Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris
  • Xbox Live Gold 14-day Trial – perfect for playing with friends

Halo 5 Console

You may be asking yourself: “Wait, back up! Where can I pre-order this bundle and how much will it cost me?!” Well, you can place your pre-order down now over at the Microsoft Store, or you can opt to wait until major retailers such as AmazonGameStop, and Best Buy have the bundle in stock. As for the price, the Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Xbox One Bundle will set you back $499.99, so it’s best to start saving up now or maybe even consider trading in your current console when the time comes. Remember, the bundle will hit the streets on October 20th.

So that’s the bundle details sorted, but there’s even more hardware news worth mentioning. If you want to grab a second custom themed controller on top of the one already packaged with the console bundle, then there’s actually two options available. On one hand, there’s the Spartan Locke themed controller, featuring a slick steel finish with blue accents inspired by the Spartan’s new-age armor. As an added bonus, the controller will also come with an exclusive REQ Pack including the “Resolute visor” for Multiplayer use.

Halo 5 Locke Controller

If you want to show the Master Chief a little love, then there’s an option for that too with a matte green custom controller inspired by the Chief’s classic MJOLNIR armor. The D-Pad here is reminiscent of Chief’s sunburst gold visor, which adds a nice touch of character to this standalone controller. What’s more, you’ll also receive a bonus REQ Pack including the “Dauntless visor” for Arena and Warzone Multiplayer.

It’s worth noting that both standalone limited edition controllers will cost $69.99 and will be available at most major retailers starting in early October.

Halo 5 Chief Controller

That’s not all though. As a means of enhancing the overall Halo experience this holiday, there’s also a custom Halo 5: Guardians Astro headset worth considering. Priced at $220.00 and available for pre-order now directly from ASTRO Gaming, this peripheral features a dark chrome finish with blue accents similar to Spartan Locke’s custom themed controller. Once again, there’s also the added bonus of in-game REQ Packs with the purchase of this beautiful headset.

Halo 5 Headset

So there you have it, folks. Between the Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition Xbox One Bundle bringing a plethora of goodies, two standalone limited edition controllers, and a brand new gaming headset, it’s quite a time to be a Halo fan.

It’s also worth taking a step back to remind potential buyers that if you purchase the console bundle, you will have the advantage of pre-downloading Halo 5: Guardians in advance, so you’re all ready to play on day one, October 27th.

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