Two New Halo 4 Enemies Accidentally Revealed

It seems as though two new enemies in the upcoming Halo 4 have been revealed, not by 343 or Microsoft. but on the back of the McFarlane Series 1 blister packs. While no response has been given by 343 as of this writing, we’re sure to see a full reveal soon now that they have been outed.

The first of the new enemies is dubbed as a “Crawler” and looks a little bit like a Gunker from Gears of War 3 to me, just a bit more blue and  “spacey.” The second is dubbed as a “Watcher,” and has four wings and  the body of one of those creepy beetles you would see on display at the zoo (preferably dead).

There’s been a few leaks lately, even with 343 supposedly keeping pretty tight-lipped on the game and it’s contents. One would assume they would take extra precautions from here on out, but you know how that goes: The more you try to keep something a secret, the more it’s gonna leak.

Click the featured image at the top to get a (slightly) better look at the new Halo 4 creatures in the blister pack’s “Coming Soon” section, and keep checking back to TGF for all the latest on Halo 4 and other Halo Universe happenings.

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