GT5 Loading Times Shortened With SSD Installation

So if you’re playing GT 5, you’re probably one of many gamers who are pissed with the load times just to play a track. Well there is a solution to the problem.

Just install a solid-state drive (SSD) and the loading times should speed up a little more but don’t expect times to just completely change, that would just be wishful thinking.

All this comes from someone named “Phil,” posting on the Beyond3D forums, making the claimed that GT5’s infamous loading times can be cut in half by playing the game off a solid state drive.

While SSD seems like it would be better for installing games compared to regular storage, the drives are costly and don’t fit in the PS3 Slim. Factoring in the affordability of 2.5″ HDDs, which the Slim accepts, the SSD solution seems more and more impractical, despite the impressive loading times you see above.

Below is a chart explaining the difference in times.

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