Could We See Grand Theft Auto V On Shelves This Fall?

BioShock Infinite  is no longer headed to shelves this October. Did its delay help make way for Grand Theft Auto V‘s 2012 release?

Take-Two Interactive Software had been scheduled to release BioShock Infinite this coming October, but with Rockstar Games presumably being close to announcing a release date for Grand Theft Auto V, it could have have created some wallet-share issues since both the games have been predicted to make quite a profit.

All previous Grand Theft Auto games, save for GTA IV, have been released in the month of October. Analysts at Wedbush speculate that this October is probable for the release of GTA V. With Take-Two delaying BioShock Infinite’s release until February 26, 2013 to maximize game quality, the analysts feel that Rockstar Games should be able to release GTA V this October, without being concerned about any wallet-share issues with Take-Two.

The analysts say that an update concerning GTA V can be expected by this year’s E3, which will determine whether or not we might see GTA V on shelves this fall.

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