God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Mode Announced and it Looks Amazing

  • darlinvs12

    Pew pew!

  • Molly Griego

    And who are the gods and goddesses of war?

  • Margery Degarmo

    George W. Bush, a gentleman of God, consulted a “higher father” (God).
    So provided that fact, why do people still criticize the war? God’s will is perfect.

  • Alejandra Fleishman

    I just finished beating god of war 3 and I was surprised at the excellent graphics! So now does the god of war assortment pack (1 and 2) on ps3 with hd have as very good graphics or not even close?

  • Lola Lockwood

    I have stage 63 attack, 57 prayer, 77 magic, 82 ranging, 73 strength, 67 defence and 37 summoning.

    Good enough to survive a spherical or two? Or do i need to have to prepare some thing some more?

  • Joanne Mefford

    Does it explain the ritualistic cannabalism of the Eucharist? By eating the flesh of the son of Jehovah, we gain the powers of the god of a rival tribe.

  • mrankinmatt

    George W. Bush, a man of God, consulted a “higher father” (God).
    So given that fact, why do people still criticize the war? God’s will is perfect.


    With the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, should we turn away from the Canaanite war god, Yahweh? We have seen enough war, and there are signs that the Canaanite storm god Ba’al is becoming very restless. With the new age, we should turn our thoughts and prayers to Ba’al.

  • Jeanelle the Retard

    im stuck in a room where there is a statue of atlas the titan holding earth on the opposite side is a rock gate please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam N

    I’m currently watching suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu on animeseason, but the order that the episodes is going in is really confusing me now. What are the bracket numbers next to each episode? I just finished episode 2 (which was apparently episode one), I’m currently watching episode 3, but in brackets it says the number 7. What’s more is that I’ve now met characters that I’ve never seen before, and there has been a clear development in both characters, and story line (so I’m guessing that the number 7 means that the episode I’m currently watching is actually episode 7).

    How am I supposed to watch it? Am I supposed to follow the natural ascension of episodes, or do I follow the bracketed numbers?

    Someone explain this please, it would be really helpful. What’s really confusing is that in the episode preview, the voiceover states that the next episode is episode 7, so I’m guessing that is how it should be watched?

    What is the correct what to watch it, or what’s the way to watch it so that I can get the most out of the series?


    Oh and here’s the link http://www.animeseason.com/suzumiya-haruhi-no-yuuutsu/

  • Gundown64

    Part A:
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    2) a) List the particles that make up an atom. b) Which particles are in the nucleus? c) Which have positive electric charge? d) Which have negative electric charge?
    From Chapter 1:
    3) a) List the approximate dates of the vernal and the autumnal equinox. What is an equinox? b) List the approximate dates of the winter and summer solstices. What is a solstice? c) What causes the seasons on Earth? d) During which season in the Northern Hemisphere is the Earth farthest from the Sun?
    Part B:
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    2)From Essay 1 of Ch. 2: a) Approximately where would you look for Mercury in the sky at about sunset? b) What is meant by “Morning Star”? c) What are right ascension and declination? d) What is the declination of Polaris?

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  • crzyinluv

    I have level 63 attack, 57 prayer, 77 magic, 82 ranging, 73 strength, 67 defence and 37 summoning.

    Good enough to survive a round or two? Or do i need to train something some more?

  • nothin_nyce1

    I really want to try this game, Also does the district 9 blue-ray still have the god of war 3 demo on it?

  • Derek

    We are having a costume party. I want to dress as Kratos (new God of War character) and need some advise on what to use. The tattered loin cloth is easy enough and I will just use hand wraps for the undies, but what do I use for the ash covering on the body and the red body stripe?

  • Nathan B

    i need to know each requirements for gwd so i can go with my friends

  • Jason

    I’m playing the God of War Collection and I’m looking for the Muse Keys. I found them. Even got the trophy for it. But apparently the second didn’t save. Tells me I only have one. So I need to get back into The Challenge of Poseidon to get it and was wondering if its possible?