Give Yourself A Challenge With Super Rude Bear Resurrection

Alex Rose Games has released their insanely challenging platformer, Super Rude Bear Resurrection, on PlayStation 4 and PC.

The game stars a gangster bear from East London who traveled back in time to medieval England to face off against his arch-nemesis: The Wizard. As you can probably tell by the trailer above, this won’t be a cake-walk. On your way to The Wizard, players will need to take down the Guardians of each level.

The game’s main hook is that each death will make the game easier. Previous corpses will remain in the level, and can be used as a platform or a shield.

Obviously, if you have the “skills to pay the bills,” you can successfully complete the game unscathed. However, in order to make it  more approachable and reach a wider audience, the difficulty will lower with every death. The developer is so confident about the game’s crazy out-of-the-gate difficulty that the first player to run through the game without dying, in one run, will win $1,000. That’s quite the incentive to work on your skills.

The main quest should take roughly 6 hours to plow through but there is more to do. Completionists will need to spend upwards of 12 hours to discover the bevy of secrets scattered throughout the game.

The game features a massive soundtrack containing 73 tracks from British grime producer Deeco.

Challenge junkies can pick up Super Rude Bear Resurrection on PS4 and PC for $14.99.

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