Ghost Recon Online Returns On June 18th

After what seemed like forever Ubisoft has announced that Ghost Recon Online shall be coming back online again, for what appears to be the final phase of the closed beta. Ghost Recon Online plays similarly to that of Ghost Recon: Future Solider, except unlike its big brother it has minor tweaks here and there, and a completely different feel multiplayer wise. From what I played during the first two phases of the closed beta, this game is going to be a blast for people to play if you can manage to get a party started.

During my play sessions there were a lot of people online but, forming teams and jumping into games was still a bit of a hassle. I hope they’ve fixed that issue along with a few rifles being very over powered at certain ranges. Ghost Recon Online will be the premier third-person shooter on PC’s when it’s finally released, but from what I’ve seen and experienced while playing the game. I believe its going to be taking on the Tribes: Ascend motto of; free to play, pay to win!

I say this because there are items within both Tribes: Ascend and Ghost Recon Online that would require players to spend hundreds of hours grinding to even unlock. So what most people do is throw cash at the game to make it enjoyable. Both Tribes: Ascend and Ghost Recon Online are great games, but every great game has its flaws, and both of these games flaws are the XP requirement for items. Who knows,  maybe they’ve heard our complaints and have changed everything. We’ll have to wait until June 18th for any real confirmation though when the beta will be playable again.

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