Ghost Recon Online Gets Title Update

Players of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online can now get some more content out of the free-to-play FPS. Ubisoft has just released a title update for Ghost Recon Online, bringing a new mode, a new map, and some patches and fixes users have been waiting for.

With the update, you’ll get the Holdout mode, which is a type of king-of-the-hill scenario: both teams are fighting over a single point on the map to control. The longer your team has the spot, the more points you earn.

The new map, the Baklava Sub Pen map, is inspired by an actual underground submarine facility in Ukraine. It seems to be tailor-made for Holdout mode, offering a single capture point and numerous strategic areas for you to use to snipe or flank your opponents.

You can also now set up matches between your clan and others via the new Clan Match feature, as well as use the update to prep for Ghost Recon Online‘s new Triton Pack, which brings weapons, armor, and avatars with a naval theme to them.

Producer Theo Sanders is happy with the release: “We’re really excited about the update. The Holdout mode and the Balaklava Sub Pen map offer new tactical challenges and experiences to the community, and decking out your Ghost in the new Triton gear makes them look awesome. We’re also keeping our promise to the community with the introduction of the Clan Match feature.”

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