Ghost Recon Online: Beta Impressions

  • louisewoods1984

    I have had a few people ask if I could be their beta reader. I agreed and I actually enjoy doing it. I find it a nice thing to do. I of course write my own stories and am good at grammar and what not.

    I came across something on Fanfiction where you could go through pages of people offering to be Beta readers for people from certain groups. I was wondering how I could get into that or if there is something I had to do?

    I have been a member of Fanfiction since 2009 if that means anything.

  • sam N

    When in September is the beta going to be launched?

  • Samuro

    Hey I have a m17x alienware laptop. How do i get the beta scan to register my graphics card cause it runs on two.. When I scan it only reads the crappier card (Intel(R) HD Graphics Family) and not the 560m. The 560m only kicks in when playing a game.

  • alberto s

    i know it has to do with scoring the most kills but what causes the score to go down? haven’t done bad so far. but it seems that sometimes when my team doesn’t win my score still gets better or the other way arpung. when we win it goes down. so anyone know how the whole scoring thiong goes on here?

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet

    We just moved our male beta into a much bigger, deeper tank. He cracked his old one when he became rambunctious and rammed into the side. We just moved him into a bigger one and all he’s doing is really just swimming at the top. He’s very healthy. I was just wondering if a new tank will harm him in anyway? I just don’t know how beta fish are when it comes to a sense of ritual.

  • mr flibble

    Recently I saw this f2p game and i saw you can apply for the beta. So i did and it said im in the queue. Then i did some research and a bunch of sites gave me different answers. Please give me the official release date. It will be really helpful.

  • cardskid22

    I have a pretty good understanding of how beta works, but this question is throwing me for a loop.