Ghost #1 Review

Ghost is a story of Elisa Cameron, a girl stuck between worlds. Banished to hell for discovering something she shouldn’t have, and subsequently brought back, she occupies the limbo between life and death, hunting demons. Combine this premise with some fantastic art, and you have a story worth checking out.

I was drawn to this book for four reasons. First is the cover. I love Terry Dodson’s work, it always catches my eye, and this one is no different. I really like the combination of white on green. Very nice looking. Second, it takes place in Chicago, my city. Always an instant draw for me. It’s the city I know and it has a certain feel to it, different from New York or London. And if that feel can be transferred to a comic, it greatly enhances the story.


Third, I enjoy paranormal detective stories. Any detective stories really, but put a bit a magic, or demons or something of that (super) nature, and the hooks are in me even deeper. The last reason is Kelly Sue Deconnick. I will buy anything she writes, no question asked. Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, and Avengers Assemble have all been fantastic under her tutelage. If she write, I buy.

Even if you’ve never read Ghost before, this is a good jumping on point. Elisa’s back story is summarized on the second page. While long time readers will get more out of it, it is still very enjoyable supernatural read for the first time read like myself. The characters and their motives, powers, and recent history are discussed enough to get most, if not all of the picture.

I did enjoy this issue. It starts off with a bang with Elisa fighting a demon on the subway, then slows down a bit and put the detective in ‘supernatural detective story’. While these parts may not have the action of the first act, it an interesting frame being in Elisa’s head. How would a ghost view things? Fascinating.


I am curious to see where this goes. First issues are always difficult, having to introduce everything, even for established characters. Yet they also need to preview what the series is going to be about. So while I enjoyed this issue, I am ever more looking forward to the next issue where the creative team can really get into it.

If this issue interests you, there are four omnibuses that collect Ghost’s story thus far. I know I will be checking them out, as well as looking forward eagerly to the next issue in this supernatural thriller. This issue is a good start. Let’s see what this talented creative team can bring to a genre that has been lacking of late.

Ghost #1 is written by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Chris Sebela, art by Ryan Sook and cover by Terry Dodson. It will be available on December 18th for $2.99 from Dark Horse.

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