Get Creeped Out This November With Black Mirror

THQ Nordic has revealed a new entry in the gothic horror adventure series: Black Mirror.

Black Mirror will be available for Linux, Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 28. While not a new entry per se, it is, however, a modern re-imagining of the acclaimed series; which obviously has nothing to do with the Netflix’s show. This new version of the game will be developed by Bremen studio KING Art Games, best known for their work on The Book of Unwritten Tales, The Dwarves, and The Raven.

As far as a little backstory on this creepy point-and-click series; the first game was originally released in 2004, followed by two spin-offs in 2009 and 2011 simply dubbed The Black Mirror II and The Black Mirror III respectively. THQ Nordic has confirmed that there is no need to play these originals in order to get the bejesus scared out of you this November.

While the game will retain the same “spirit” as the originals, the game will be adapted to today’s gameplay and visuals along with a new gameplay mechanic: interaction with vision-like apparitions.

Here’s what Martin Kreuch, Producer at THQ Nordic, had to say about this new project:

“In terms of atmosphere, the outstanding feature of the Black Mirror game series is the unique atmosphere which was essentially created by KING Art in the original trilogy. We have developed a new interpretation that both retains the strengths of the original games and gives us more room to explore fresh possibilities in terms of gameplay so that players can experience the world of Black Mirror in a more direct and free way, and not “just” in classic point-and-click style.”

THQ Nordic also managed to reach to developers who worked on previous iterations. Here’s what Achim Heidelauf, Executive Producer for 2009’s Black Mirror II, had to say about working on this re-imagining:

“Black Mirror is a series that is really close to my heart, and it was fantastic to be immersed in the Gothic horror genre again; the human psyche is a fascinating playground!”

Creative Director KING Art Games, Jan Theysen, added:

“Black Mirror II” (2009) was the first big adventure KING Art worked on, and it’s fantastic to be able to create the new world of the Gordons and Black Mirror. We will be emphasising the unsettling atmosphere and the meticulous detail that the fans of a Black Mirror title have come to expect.”

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