New From Genius: The HS-G700V Cavimanus Virtual 7.1 Channel Gaming Headset

  • Sang


  • Bernarda

    LOL! this is why I stick my my N64.

  • Alica

    Thumbs up

  • Brad

    Pew pew!

  • Serena Frieden

    Ok im starting a gaming channel on youtube and i dont know what headset or mic to use..?

    Also if im on multiplayer and im wearing a headset or mic how do i get their talking.. simply because it will only record mine?

    And what recording materials ought to i use! sorry about all the questions >.<
    Im heading to file minecraft mostly

  • JDOGG1122

    I am going to be starting my own gaming channel on YouTube similar to Ksiolajidebt except around gran turismo 5, the type of things I will do include reviews of cars and latest news and also my views on certain things. I am goin to purchase myself an hauppagge hd PVR but apart from that is there anything else I should do eg what editing software to use? And also maybe equipment such as headsets with microphones as I will be doing talk overs too! Thanks

  • Duke

    I plan on giving away headsets, gunnar glasses, Microsoft Points, xbox’s, ps3’s etc Just need to know, just how much do these help your channel?

  • Mak Sultan

    I have just purchased a Denon Home theatre receiver which supports 7.1 surround sound. I am using a Bose center channel speaker, two Bose corner “cubes” as my front speakers, and a Bose sub-woofer. The center channel is wired directly to my Denon A/V receiver. However, front “cube” speakers are wired directly to the Bose Sub-Woofer, which splits the inputs to the sub, and the cubes. The inputs to the sub woofer are connected to my “front speakers” outputs on the Denon A/V.

    My question is the following. Would I be better off wiring my Bose cubes directly to the Denon A/V receiver “front speaker” outputs, and connecting the sub-woofer to the sub-woofer output on the Denon, OR still using the Bose internal splitting out to the cubes?


  • The Villain

    Someone told me that Sony doesn’t make good surround sounds, is that true? Which brand makes the best and the worst? Do Blu-ray Disks or HD DVDs use the 7.1 surround sounds?
    Ok, so which should I get? And can you also give me a link for it from Circuit City or Best Buy or something. Thanks.

  • Jon P

    Im buying a headset, but I notice it says its simulated 7.1 surround sound.

  • mal_functiongeo

    I’m thinking of buying the nvidia gtx 470, it apparently has hdmi that supports 7.1 surround sound, What I want to know is how am I supposed to get the sound from the hdmi port? How do I get the sound from the surround sound hdmi port over my headphones? If it has surround sound hdmi then how do I get it connected to my headphones?

  • Mak Sultan

    im debating on buying a gaming headset but i think my current computer doesnt have the greatest sound card. but ive read that the megalodon has an onboard sound card, so im wondering if the megalodon will have surround sound (in 5.1 or 7.1) regardless of the sound card in my computer.

  • Coffee t

    I’m planning on buying a system and would like to try to get the best one.Thanks.

  • easton j

    I know when you buy a desktop it may come with 2 external speakers. Can I buy those external speakers and connect them to my laptop to make 7.1 surround sound. I know the point one is the subwoofer but I think you know the jist of my question

  • louisewoods1984

    I am looking for a surround sound speaker system that can have multiple inputs (stereo and 7.1) and a good set of speekers with subwoofer it must be able to fill all speakers using just a stereo input.
    Also good 5.1’s