Geek Cave Podcast Episode 41 | Young Justice Artist Christopher Jones

This month’s edition of the Geek Cave Podcast features one of the biggest guests yet! Darrin and Justin talk with artist Christopher Jones, whose work includes Batman ’66, Young Justice, and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. He talks about his attempt to get the canceled Young Justice animated series continued through comics, as well as an exciting new project that could lead to even bigger things.


Meanwhile, Chad rips X-Men 2 a new one in his Random Movie Review, the guys talk about WB Games Montreal’s decision to not fix problems with Batman: Arkham Origins, and Darrin has a new, terrible theory about one of the characters from Saved by the Bell.

The Geek Cave Podcast is sponsored by Buzztime and Shirtasaurus. Find out more at their official website, and subscribe to future episode via iTunes right here.

The thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast are those solely of the hosts, and do not necessarily reflect those of The Game Fanatics and its staff. Explicit content. Listener discretion advised.

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