GDC 2013 | Destiny "Brave New World"

Today, the ancients of the majestic pacific northwest (Bungie) wrapped up their GDC panel today giving guests attending a glimpse into the art, character development and design of Destiny, from early concept art to images, animation and character models.

Their impressive Character Development video showcases models from the Vex, the evil time  traveling robots, the terrifying four armed Fallen warriors, to the large Cabal and even the undead looking monsters known as the Hive. The video also gives us a glimpse of the Guardians that, we, the players will get to control. The classes we know of right now are the Hunter, the Warlock and Titan.

The Titan as we know is the “gunslinger” class we can chose to play as that is capable of wielding multiple types of weapons in combat. The character shown is clad in all black armor excluding the torso piece which bares a golden crest on a white backdrop. Very reminiscent of a Templar. The Warlock reminds me of character from the Star Wars universe with it’s cloth against metal armor ready to blast away enemies with their magic. And the Hunter! where do I even begin! This is the only class I’m really excited to get my hands on since every game I play I normally gravitate towards the more stealth based classes. Even though in the past, I used to play mainly as spell casters. Anyways, the Hunter shown has some pretty awesome features, which I’m curious to see what’s available at launch. With animal or alien bones along the left shoulder and arm, to the awesome red and black hood that covers the helmet with what looks to have a built in scope on it is just mind blowing.

Even the music for the video, probably done by Marty, goes from that eerie dangerous feeling to that noble feeling as the video progresses. Just unbelievable and breathe taking. Even if just a glimpse. Some might say I’m overreacting which even if I am I don’t care!

This video has no doubt opened more questions than answered anything, but than again, that’s Bungie’s style. I should be used to it by now, but I’m not.

For a direct link to the video, go here.

For more information, visit Bungie’s Website.

Also, Destiny’s main Website.

As an added bonus, enjoy some of the exclusive wallpapers and art straight from the GDC panel.

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The Traveler
bridge of chains
Bridge of Chains
the reef
The Reef


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