GDC 2012 | The Secret World's Secrets Revealed

  • Dizie


  • Noctivagus420


  • Margery Degarmo

    What types of astrological influences may possibly a particular person have in their natal chart who is very significantly anxious with conspiracy theories and top secret societies – the new planet order, elites functioning powering the backs of the masses, etc.?

    Are there any obvious variances among a person who needs to be a Component of these types of secret societies, and an individual who wishes to rebel towards them?

    I know this is very broad, but I’d nevertheless value a number of ideas.


  • Serena Frieden

    Lots of conspiracy theories out there suppose these top secret societies exist today, is there evidence (that is reliable) that there are top secret societies operating in the environment today? If so, is there any (reliable) evidence that they are significant plenty of to be in manage of the world?

  • Patty Guest

    Could paramilitaries like the Irish Republican Army and the Ulster Defence Affiliation be considered to be top secret societies?

  • Terrence

    I ‘m getting bored in my life, and I need more power and i need to control the world.
    Will the Illuminati and Bilderbergers and all those other secret societies accept me, and let me have a high rank?

    If so, who can I talk to for an interview?

  • Motordom

    Ok, in 2003 funcom released the game The Longest Journey, I have the sequel to it, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.
    But I have never played the first game, so, is The Longest Journey on X-BOX, and if so, then where do I get it?

  • Mackenzie P

    I tried this funcom-published game called Bloodline Champions and enjoyed it for like three hours before I got distracted by other, longer lasting games (like mmos or singleplayer campaign games). Though I like the handling of the game, there was nothing to really keep me – and I didn’t feel like paying money every time I’d buy a character… It also didn’t keep me interested enough to buy the actual game.

    Recently a friend has asked me to check HON out. I prefer it to LOL because of the graphics. But is HON similar to Bloodline Champions, and will I get bored quickly? Are there campaign-like (Left 4 Dead/BFBC2 Rush ex.) objectives or is it definitely just an Arena CTF/deathmatch style game like BC?


  • Taylor G

    Funcom, the company responsible for running the online game I’m playing is seeing its stock reach new depths. I know the economic turmoil might account for some of it but I have’nt heard of any attempted takeover (possibly due to the economy?). Can a company’sstock reach zero and how far would it drop before it folds? I like the game and am concerned for the company’s future.

  • Jon P

    I went to EB Games and asked for AoC and they said it’s discontuined but i want to now if EB Games is discontuining the game or if Funcom is discontuining Age of Conan.

  • balinderk2000

    i look in the funcom folder, and in the start menu, but all i find is the patcher, updater, and simpleconfing files, i dont see ageof conan.exe anywhere, is there still something else i need to install for it?

  • Anny

    I was gonna drop World of Warcraft to play AoC, then after going to the website again I noticed that they have givin a limited amount of preorders earlier starts, mounts, bags, and even a ring to give them more experience than normal. I thought i was going to start a game at the same level as everyone else since i missed that chance with WoW. Like usual companies don’t care about anything but money. Balance means nothing. So i guess I’m not going to AoC now.
    Thumbs Down already FunCom.

  • nmlpc

    Ok, so a random dude quit AOC and gave his account online. I’m on age of conan and i want to see if i can buy the 9000 funcom points… problem is that I dont know what I’m doing. So i keep clicking through the thing to see my payment options and it says confirm order. I, again have know idea what this means so i click confirm and it says that i successfully purchased. Thats when i start to wonter. I go back to my account and i have 9000 points now so now im worried. I go to current payment options and then i find that the dudes credit card is still on there! FOr all i know it is a kid and his lawyer father helped him get this! So what do I do! Will he find out? I really want to refund but everyone online says i cant. If u know a way to refund plzzz tell me. I have no access to this guy! will the cops be at my door tomorrow? Help! plzz :'(