GamrCred, the Ultimate Rank in Games Beta

Developed by veterans of BioWare and social networking platform Empire AvenueGamrCred is a brand new system that agglomerates all of a gamer’s play, say and respect within their communities and combines them all together to create an ultimate reputation rank.

GamrCred‘s goals are to become the standard method of measuring a gamer’s reputation and to create the world’s greatest community of credible gamers in order to help other gamers connect and find new games. With the thousands of games on the market, it can be difficult to create the ultimate master list of great games according to each individual. But by connecting gamers to other reputable gamers whose opinions are trustworthy, creating that master list will be a bit easier.

GamrCreds site is in invite-only beta right now, but those who are interested can sign up at

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