Gamestop Set To Start Selling Android Tablets

In a strange twist of fate videogame retailer Gamestop has decided to begin selling specialized Android tablets in select stores. According to a report published by the  Wall Street Journal, the tablets which went on sale starting yesterday October 28, 2011  will be available in 200 stores across the U.S. The tablets are being manufactured by Asustek Computer Inc., Acer Inc., Samsung Electronics Inc. The devices, which will sell for their typical sticker prices in competing stores, will come with a set of seven free games, including Dead Space, Madden and Sonic CD.

“Customers have been telling us that they like to game on multiple devices,” GameStop’s CEO J. Paul Raines told the WSJ. “We believe there is a gaming opportunity on tablets.”

In addition to selling the tablets GameStop will also offer a separate, wireless controller for $39.99 that can be used with the tablets and control four of the seven included titles. Depending on how well the retailer does with these tablets, the company may or may not make plans to expand the program next year. If you would like to  learn more about the tablets, head on over the GameStop’s official page.

Source: ubergizmo

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