Gamescom 2013 | PlayStation Vita Price Dropped to $199, Buy One

As of tomorrow, there is no reason to not buy the best (from a technical standpoint, at least) handheld on the market.

At this year’s Gamescom, Sony announced that the PlayStation Vita would receive a drop in price, along with its memory sticks. Vita fans rejoiced.

There was no upgraded Vita revealed, because there simply didn’t need to be one. The Vita is fine –more than that, it’s fantastic– but the price it held was too steep for today’s gamers to buy into the successor of a failed product (the PSP).

With this reincarnation of Sony’s mobile platform they cranked out the best product for console gaming on the go and this change in price should surely open some eyes to this. Many complain about the lack of library the Vita holds and people that do obviously don’t own one.

When people thought Persona 4 Golden was GOTY they weren’t kidding.

Between legitimate console quality games to a plethora of indie games (which are just as good as any AAA game out there, if not better), Killzone Mercenary around the corner and free games being thrown at you with PS+, the only things holding the Vita back were price and memory. Today, problem solved.

I personally have a 32GB stick (holding 18 games with 20% memory left) and that’s all I need, but it put a dent into my wallet and upping my overall purchase to well over $300. Now, with reduced prices in system and memory many (yourself included) should find this well worth the cost, especially with the remote play and streaming features in collaboration with the PS4.

Now, memory will cost as follows: 4GB – $14.99, 8GB – $19.99, 16GB – $39.99, and 32GB – $79.99.

Do yourself a favor and buy a Vita.

By the way, this is Uncharted on the Vita. Go ahead, click it.

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