Game Mode Comes To Windows 10 With Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update

Back in October of 2016, Microsoft held a press conference where they revealed Creators Update to Windows 10. Included in that announcement was the promise of gaming oriented improvements for Windows as well as Xbox One. Next week the Creators Update will start rolling out to Insider previews, that being said we wanted to dig further into what type of improvements we can hope for one it goes live.

Windows 10 Creators Update

The most welcome change is a new ‘Game Mode’ which will improve the performance of games. The improved performance will not only affect new UWP (Universal Windows Platform) games typically found on the Windows Store but also older, traditional Win32 games. It is said that this performance boost essentially will tweak your PC to get optimal results while playing.

Creators Update with Beam

Beam will also be a major factor of both the Windows update as well as the Xbox One update. Built-in Beam live-streaming will simplify sharing gaming content whenever you are playing. Expect Beam to get a major push and influx of viewers and streamers once this update goes live, so get familiar with the service and check out our Beam page while you are at it!

The Xbox One update also adds an enhanced Guide that can be toggled quickly to access game recordings and music controls, along with an Achievement tracking overlay (goodbye side snap?), an improved layout for Cortana and leaderboards.

Both platforms also will have an enhanced Xbox Live to make it easier to find and share with friends, like a Looking For Groups post to be shared on your news feed when looking for someone to play with. Xbox Live Arena will combine both professional E-sports tournaments with the creation of private tournaments with friends and members of your Club.

Windows Creators Update will be released this week as part of Insider previews, and will be rolled out to the larger Windows user base later this year.

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