Game Fanatics 2012 Awards Voting Polls Now Open!

Ah, the end of the year. A time to make resolutions we won’t keep. A time to reflect on the past year. And a time to vote on the best games we played over the past twelve months. Voting for the Game Fanatics 2012 Awards have begun. Fanatics, we’ve been hard at work voting, debating, and campaigning for our favorites from the past year. It’s been interesting, that’s for sure. We’ve had plenty of controversy (Mass Effect 3). There’s been pleasant surprises (The Walking Dead). Not one, but two new systems (PS Vita and Wii U). Newcomers have entered the ring (Dishonored). We’ve said good-bye to old friends (Assassin’s Creed III). We’ve been reacquainted with long lost pals (Halo 4). Yes, 2012 was a memorable year. And we’re going to let you know what we thought was the best of the best. So stay tuned to our end of the year coverage, because we’ll be wrapping up reviews from some of the end of the year’s biggest releases. And as the calendar turns, we’ll let you know the award winners. Not to mention the game’s we can’t wait to play in 2013. Because believe it or not, it’s right around the corner. PAX East 2013 is in a few months and E3 registration has opened. We, like you, can’t wait. Stay tuned, Game Fanatics. We share your enthusiasm. In the mean time, let us know what your favorites from the past year were in the comments below. Go cast your vote!!:

Game Fanatics 2012 Awards Voting Polls Now Open!

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