Game Against the Elements with the Selk'bag 4G Lite Sleepwear System

  • Ocane Garric

    I dont want a mummy bag. I want a compact rectangular sleeping bag. No a lot more than 8 pounds. I want it to be a substantial high quality sleeping bag without going over $250. One Particular that will very last for 8+ decades whilst currently being slept in every single night. I currently know the big difference of synthetic and Down bags. No want to explain. Thank You!!!

  • xxsuperLEAKxx

    I am looking at doing some backpacking all around Australia for about 6 – 9 months…

    I do not know anything at all about what kind of sleeping bag to go for…I have carried out some research and theres usually a 7c or 9c range related with each and every sleeping bag model…

    Is this code for what local weather the sleeping bag is developed for? If so what kind ought to I be seeking for?

  • encyclopath

    Hi, my baby is 10 months and crawling/standing in cot at night. I’ve had someone suggest that I buy a baby Grobag (sleeping bag without arms). Does anyone have any suggestions on the pro’s and con’s of these. He falls asleep out of his blankets and I think the idea of the warmth moving around with him is an alright idea.

  • Wooooody

    So I am traveling and living out of my backpack for a little while. I want to find the best and easiest way to carry my stuff. I have a medium-ish sized backpack that I want to attach my sleeping bag to. I found cords on eBay called Coghlans Sleeping Bag Bungee Cord Straps, Would this work?