Game Boy 25 Year Anniversary, A Blast From the Past

In honor of the Game Boy 25 Year Anniversary let’s all break out our Game Boys (or emulators) and play something!

It seems like just yesterday we were playing our Game Boy battling pocket monsters via linking cable, or jumping on some bosses head to save a short Italian mans princess. It wasn’t yesterday though… it was 25 years ago. Instead of making you feel old we’ll give you some fun facts and this nostalgic and appropriate video free of charge!

Game Boy Commercial 1990

Fun Game Boy facts:

  • Game Boy sold 118 millions units outselling the Atari more than 2-1.
  • Game Boy had the most gender neutral player base of it’s time with almost a 50/50 girl/boy split.
  • There is a Game Boy on display in NYC at the Nintendo World Store that survived a bomb attack from the First Gulf War
  • Gunpei Yokoi the inventor of the Game Boy, started as Nintendo‘s janitor and maintenance man!
  • Tetris is the highest selling Game Boy game with over 35 million sold.
  • Game Boy Pocket was one of the first consoles to offer backwards compatibility.
  • The original Game Boy only featured 4 shades of grey.
  • The original Game Boy was 8-bit.
  • You can thank Game Boy for Pokemon .
  • Game Boy wasn’t discontinued until 2005.
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