G-Spot Podcast Episode 99 | No More Dogs

“What do you call a pool with nobody in it?” The Last of Us has taken over, it’s the G-Spot Podcast Episode 99!

In this week’s episode of the G-Spot Podcast: we discuss some quick news and then dive into The Last of Us with full spoilers. We go over the ending, what the DLC could be, complain about listen mode, and more. Plus, Breezy makes the worst Deadpool pun ever, Joel denounces domestic violence, Ben doesn’t want anyone to have a headset, and Henry declares the final Borderlands 2 DLC to be better than the main game.


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Email us questions and comments and they may be read on the show! podcast (at) thegamefanatics.com.

Be warned, as the podcast features explicit content. So try and mute it when your boss walks by.

Take a listen, follow us and tweet your comments (@GspotPodcast), feel free to rate the show on iTunes, and leave your comments below. And as always, thanks for tuning into the G-Spot Podcast.

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