G-Spot Podcast Episode 95 | Xbox One and PlayStation Minus

“What about the person who has no arms?” Take a break from watching Arrested Development, it’s the G-Spot Podcast Episode 95!

In this week’s episode of the G-Spot Podcast: we talk about the unveiling of the Xbox One, the used games business, and Destiny’s destiny. Plus, Breezy was blown away by Lair, Ben defends PlayStation Plus, and Joel is a fan of pet dragons.


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Email us questions and comments and they may be read on the show! podcast (at) thegamefanatics.com.

Be warned, as the podcast features explicit content. So try and mute it when your boss walks by.

Take a listen, follow us and tweet your comments (@GspotPodcast), feel free to rate the show on iTunes, and leave your comments below. And as always, thanks for tuning into the G-Spot Podcast.

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