G-Spot Podcast Episode 118 | THE END

“Yeah, play the field.” The final final countdown of finality, it’s the G-Spot Podcast Episode 118!

In this week’s episode of the G-Spot Podcast: we say goodbye to an old friend in our final episode before we change formats. Plus, Jeff shamelessly plugs reviews, Ben outlines a movie about Andrew Jackson, and Henry believes Las Vegas to be a car graveyard. This is a shorter episode that usual because it’s the final episode of the show. But we will return on YouTube! Check back next week for links and all the deets!


iTunes and RSS feed updates later in the day.

Email us questions and comments and they may be read on the show (including the new one)! podcast (at) thegamefanatics.com.

Be warned, as the podcast features explicit content. So try and mute it when your boss walks by.

Take a listen, follow us and tweet your comments (@GspotPodcast), and feel free to rate the show on iTunes. Leave your comments below and, as always, thanks for tuning into the G-Spot Podcast.

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