Free-to-Play FPS Bullet Run Now Available

Can’t get enough of free-to-play first person shooters? Well, you’re in luck; SOE has just released an all new one. Developed by ACONY Games, Bullet Run allows players to create their own character to take part as a “contestant” on a brutal “reality TV show”. As you progress you can unlock (or purchase) new weapons, weapon modifications and attachments, wardrobe items, accessories, and custom weapon decals.

Since this is all supposed to take place on a TV show, you’ll get commentators doing play by play and your progression is tied to your popularity with the fans. You build “heat” by how well you perform, which means more than just kills…it means style. More heat gets you more fans and a larger fanbase will level you up. You’ll also gain in-game currency to use on improving your skills as well as learning new ones. All of this action takes place in six different arenas ranging from desert wastelands to oilrigs.

As with most free-to-play games, Bullet Run features an in-game marketplace for purchasing additional content. One would have to assume the marketplace is mostly going to be for vanity and convenience items and nothing unbalancing or gamebreaking. Community features such as a friend’s list and private chat will also be included. Bullet Run is now available for Windows PC. You can get in on here at the official site:

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