The Force Snoozes: Star Wars Episode VIII Postponed

Bad news to all impatient fans out there: Star Wars Episode VIII won’t arrive until December 15, 2017.

It was announced last Wednesday and you can still hear the cries of all Skywalker’s fans out there. It seems that we will definitely not enjoy Episode VIII by Spring 2017. Disney has moved the official release of the next galactic chapter to December 15. This means seven months later than the original date – which makes two years of waiting to unveil what Rian Johnson, the next director in charge, is preparing for us. Bittersweet to say the least if you happened to like J. J. Abram’s tale.

Star Wars Episode VII

This change mirrors what occurred with The Force Awakens. Back then the film also shifted from May to December due to script delays. This seems to be the reason in play here, according to some last-minute rumors, for Star Wars Episode VIII. Or more likely, this could be a sign that the Force is simply snoozing all its way back to Christmas, leaving the traditional springtime release calendar that has accompanied all the movies since 1977. The holiday season may suit the revisited universe better, after all.

Star Wars Episode VIII
Just a bunch of Rogues…waiting for Star Wars Episode VIII.

But worry no more, young padawan. If you are an avid consumer of everything Star Wars related, you can always quench your thirst with the first spin-off that will see the light by the end of this year. December 16 is the chosen date to release Rogue One, the first chapter of the Star Wars Anthology series and directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Godzilla). You may want to check that one out since the plot is full of action and somehow familiar archetypes. It revolves around a band of resistance fighters trying to steal the Death Star plans at the wake of the Galactic Empire (via Slashfilm). Ok, maybe they are not at the same level as Rey, Finn, and the rest of the crew. But they will probably do for a juicy appetizer during the feast that we have ahead of us with Star Wars Episode VIII.

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