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Flying People in New York City: 20th Century Fox's Bizarre Marketing Campaign

  • Sam

    thats insanly cool

  • arronwrath

    Is Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader going to be worse than the other two because 20th Century Fox is funding instead of Disney?

  • Ev dog

    I would like to download the signature tune of 20th Century Fox on my mobile (Nokia N70) as a ringtone. Where can I find it for free, short of recording it?

  • Terrence

    I would like the Anastasia movie’s soundtrack in Russian. I know there has to be one out there somewhere, but I can’t find it.

    Thanks ^^

  • Milk84

    When a movie is produced, such as Avatar, which grossed 2.7 billion dollars, what percentage of those earnings go back to the conglomerate company, News Corporation?

  • Boo Cookie

    every time i hear the song i think of the tv thing and vice versa. So did 20th century fox get their name from the doors song? or did the doors write the song because of 20th century fox? is it just a coincidence? I have no idea.

  • jdubdoubleu7704

    Can you please make one almost the same as this one (7 seconds)

    Also what music is the video playing?

  • Hayden

    this person has taken the 1968 film planet of the apes and is using it as a hate tool etc.

    he’s making it as if it’s his own… so tell me… Am i able to file a copyright claim FOR 20th century fox since they are overlooking it?

  • Mr SoLo DoLo

    I know theyre both founded by many years which are different in your opinion or are they equally the same?

  • Michael K

    I have agreed to do a presentation for my arts exam about Torchwood. how do I do this please? And what software do I need?
    idm or U Tube Downloader, is it safe to download, and how does it work after it downloaded?

  • Jon P

    Does anyone know how I can find one of those talking sound greetings cards which plays the 20th Century Fox Fanfare, ideally with a picture of the logo on the front?

  • Goe122

    Like the “Paramount” mountain with the stars around it bit they play before films, the “Universal Pictures” globe sequence, or the “20th Century Fox logo” with the big searchlights around it.


  • encyclopath

    I thought Spider-Man and Wolverine were both Marvel characters, then how come Sony owns Spider-Man and 20th Century Fox owns Wolverine?

  • thinkthought

    Not a ringtone, just the theme so I can download it onto my computer and have it play when I turn my computer on. I can’t seem to find it anywhere, unless it’s a ringtone! Help!

  • Xedo

    I have been searching the internet for hours and still can’t find any contact details. I need it for the Earth day celebration this coming April.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Armas

    How does a Movie Distribution Company like 20th Century Fox, Paramount, or Universal start up? How would they distribute there first movie with no money from any other movies…do they borrow it? I’ve wanted to start a movie distribution company like one of these big ones and be able to compete with them…how would I start up with so little money? Producing a movie costs usually about $300 Million, where would a company get that kinda money when they first start out, to distribute that movie?

  • sarah w

    As what happened to Prince Caspian because The Water Horse, another Walden Media film was released around the same time.

  • altair

    or is there one made of stone? You know, we can see real letters that say Hollywood on a Hollywood hill. So, can we see the 20th century fox symbol made of stone or something like this anywher?

  • kevindiking67verizonnet

    I’m doing a Christmas production at church and i require some music for the arrival of the kings but i can’t seem to locate any free sheet music for the 20th century fox fanfare! can anyone help me?

  • Xavier Hawthorne

    Hi I bought Avatar on Blu-ray since the first day it came out in stores. I saw a new commercial that their is a new Avatar version that includes all deleted scenes that it was never shown in theaters? I do not care about the new 3D version but only the deleted scenes. I think that’s bull & I think 20th Century Fox Company are trying to make money.

  • Gamer959

    its like a rap song but it starts out with the theme like from a movie and goes into the rap, please help its killing me.