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With All Hallows’ Eve upon us, most players are looking to get their scare on. What better way to celebrate this spine-chilling holiday than locking yourself in your bedroom, turning off the lights, and popping in a horror game that will make you wet your pants? The answer is nothing! Here are the top five scary games you should play this Halloween.

Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill Boss

The Silent Hill series are a classic survival horror game that have haunted gamers for years. Even some of the movies can be spooky! Silent Hill 2 in particular had an awe inspiring affect.

The creepy setting of the abandoned city, Silent Hill, filled with characters who are dead, will definitely help a player on their way to insanity. This game is all about the psychological horror of becoming attached to characters that will meet a horrible demise and being chased by freaky monsters that are just a reflection of your inner demons. Yeah, it’s pretty messed up. And have you ever tried fighting a Pyramid Head? If not, well you’re in for a real treat!

The multiple endings for Silent Hill 2 make this a great game to play all day on Hallows Eve and is the reason why it’s number five for my top scary games!


Resident Evil 4 Resident_Evil_4_Fight

My personal favorite in the series, Resident Evil 4 takes place in the most remote and rural parts of Europe.  The player controls the badass special agent Leon Kennedy on a mission to save the President’s daughter. It’s a bit cliché but in this survival horror game where your supplies are limited and the enemies are dangerous, you can’t help but let out a shrill scream when a villager pops up behind you out of nowhere. Keep an eye on your health and your ammo though as you fight off endless waves of infected villagers and crazy monsters.

Oh, and here’s a helpful tip: Always aim for the head! The AI are smart and will dodge your attacks and will work together to overwhelm and take you down. Your inventory is also limited in this game so you must upgrade and strategize which items to carry with you on your terrifying journey. So if you have a PlayStation 2 that is still functional, Resident Evil 4 is the perfect challenging survival horror game to play this Halloween! Leon Kennedy cleared the way straight to the number four spot on my top scary games list!


Alien: Isolation Alien_Isolation_Motion_Tracer

The most recent video game adaptation of the popular Alien franchise, Alien: Isolation takes place fifteen years after the events of Ridley Scott’s film, Alien. The protagonist is Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley. Sneak your way around the hostile space station, and either fight or outsmart your enemies such as the Androids that wander the ship or the infamous Alien that is stalking you from the vents.

The game focuses on stealth and smarts to proceed further into the game however you are given a set of weapons to help defend yourself from hostile humans and androids. Nonetheless, Ripley has no defense against the Alien and it is impossible to kill the creature. Hint: It’s scared of fire! Sci-Fi horror with beautiful graphics is the reason Alien: Isolation made it to the number three spot on my scary games list.

Also, Amanda Ripley being a complete bad ass helps too!


Outlast Outlast_Found

Outlast became wildly popular rather fast back when it was released in 2013 and then renewed excitement when it was released on the PlayStation 4 in February 2014.

Outlast is set in the typical insane asylum setting and focuses on the journey of a journalist who has come to gather the juicy scoop on Mount Hope Asylum. Armed only with a camera, the player must out-maneuver the mentally insane prisoners (including a pair of murderous naked twins!) to survive. Use the night vision lens on your camera to traverse the pitch blackness of the asylum and crack the secrets that the walls hide. And as a bonus, play the Outlast: Whistleblower DLC to see why and how everything went to hell!

If you’re looking for something that has a ton of clever jumpscares and an interesting story to boot, look no further than the game that takes it’s rightful place at the number two spot on my top scary games list!




Daylight was the first game to be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and boy did it take advantage. The atmosphere is what makes the whole game and is incredibly dark, scary and immersive. The setting of an abandoned hospital haunted by malevolent spirits is as cliché as it gets but you still can’t help but get the living piss scared out of you as you play.

Personally for me, this game terrifies me so much that I haven’t even been able to finish it (which is unusual for me — I’m a horror queen!). The game doesn’t have any unique aspects but there is something about it that will leave the player sleeping with the lights on. You use glow sticks to find “remnants” around the hospital which will open up other areas of the hospital for which you must explore in order to escape! The only weapon you have against the monsters hiding in the dark are flares. You also have use of your cell phone which acts as a map but be warned, the areas are randomly generated! So get ready to have multiple heart attacks and many chanting’s of “No, no, no!” as you play this incredibly terrifying survival horror game!

There you have it folks, my top five scary games to play during Halloween. Do you have any favorite horror games that didn’t make it to the list? Let me know in the comments below! Now if you excuse me, I must go finish Daylight

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