First Impressons on Mass Effect 3: The Citadel

The final DLC for Mass Effect 3: The Citadel, is finally here. Many were burned by past Mass Effect 3 downloadable contents and shelling out 1200 MSP for one more seems a bit much for some. For many, the game ended once their Shepard talked to some creepy AI. For others, the adventure did continue through the DLCs. Despite on how you feel about Mass Effect 3 and the extra content, this is the final one. The final dance with Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy, past and present.

The DLC itself is 4gigs and comes in two parts. The first part is easy to find via XBL and the second I found out about thanks to Major Nelson which pointed me here. Once The Citadel is downloaded and your Shepard is on the Normandy, you will receive mail saying to head over to the Citadel for some much needed shore leave. The galaxy is going to hell and Anderson wants Shepard and the crew to go on shore leave, sure why not. Does it seems unbelievable, yes, however this is the last DLC we will get for Mass Effect 3, a lot of fourth wall breaking will happen. You have to look at The Citadel DLC as an out of place mission made for the fans to give them one more ride and the fan girl in me could not be happier.

At the time of this article being written, I have not beaten the DLC yet, nevertheless, personally, it is worth the fifteen dollars. I am having a blast and I will recommend it to any Mass Effect fan that enjoys great banter between characters and just an overall bad ass feeling. My jaw has hit the floor several times already while playing this final DLC. Shepard’s crew is back (unless they’re, you know, dead), which is a shame. You’re on leave while the galaxy is being attacked, why not bring back the fallen as well? Regardless, Mass Effect fans, get this DLC and just look past the price tag. The banter and action scenes are worth it on its own.

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